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Each year Art Dubai’s visual campaign is reinvented and takes on a new aesthetic, conveying a narrative relevant to that edition, with the logo remaining in its constant flux. This process echoes the originality of Art Dubai’s programme and flexibility of the fair’s model.


The Art Dubai 2023 visual identity acknowledged the importance of preserving the environmental ecosystems found within the UAE. Taking elements from the UAE’s local landscapes, the graphic campaign juxtaposed their poetic nature with the innovative tools required to protect them by combining delicate watercolours with jarring animation techniques. 


Art Dubai was collaborating with Abjad Design for the illustrations and animations in 2023’s campaign.


In 2009, Art Dubai collaborated with Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin; in 2010, with Sinisa Vlajkovic; in 2011, with Sam Irons; in 2012 with Kemistry Design and Dubai-based photographer Mohamed Somji; in 2013, the fair turned to the UAE community-at-large; in 2014 the campaign was based on a collection of various images from previous editions of Art Dubai; in 2015 the visual identity took its starting point from the Art Dubai logo itself; in 2016 Art Dubai acknowledged the significance of the past decade while looking ahead at what is to come; and in 2017 the fair looked at Dubai as a trading place for the world in collaboration with Fikra Design Studios.


During 2018-2019 the fair worked with Moloobhoy & Brown, firstly looking at in the story of Dubai and its growth in the 2018 campaign, and then in 2019 the visual identity focused on the theme of convergence as a metaphor for the fair’s role as a meeting point for the global art world.


Art Dubai continued to work with Kemistry Design between 2020-2022, during which time, the campaigns celebrated the 50th anniversary of the unification of the United Arab Emirates; explored new approaches to using the brands familiar identity blocks; and illustrated the fair’s role within the vibrant cultural ecosystem of its home city, Dubai.