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The Art Dubai 2021 team


Art Dubai and its associated fairs and events are always looking for driven, excellent arts enthusiasts and professionals to join our growing team based in Dubai, UAE. In general, we tend to look for employees with strong English language skills and preferably also Arabic as a first or second language. UAE Nationals and those residents in the UAE are encouraged to apply. Written and spoken French / Russian / Farsi / Hindi / Urdu are also desirable. We also list a range of job opportunities within the arts and cultural sector from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Please note that we offer a limited number of professional development opportunities in the lead-up to the fair, including Traineeship and Volunteer programmes. These highly-sought-after positions offer the opportunity to take on a key role at Art Dubai at an early stage in your career and gain highly valuable experience. Please check the links below and follow us on social media as these positions become available over the next few months.

CAD 9.0

The 9th edition of Campus Art Dubai will provide a unique opportunity to those who wish to have a career in the arts by offering a 360 degree understanding of the art world through work experience in a 5 month rotational placement at Art Dubai in each of the following departments:


  • VIP and art collector relations
  • Gallery relations
  • Logistics and operations
  • Communications
  • Programming

The deadline to apply is 10pm on Saturday November 6, 2021 and the programme will commence Sunday December 5, 2021. Click here to visit the application page.


Traineeships at Art Dubai are aimed at young professionals who have completed internships within the art world, or for those who have experience in other fields and are looking to make a switch to the art world. This unique opportunity gives individuals the opportunity to gain real hands-on experience working alongside the Art Dubai team, and to take on areas of responsibility through the three to four month period in the lead-up to the fair. The role also includes regular meetings and mentoring by senior members of the Art Dubai team.

Department areas include:

  • Fair Management & Production
  • Commissioning Programme
  • VIP Relations
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Exhibitor Management
  • Education
  • Sponsorship

Applications for traineeships at Art Dubai will open in the coming months.


The Volunteer Programme invites arts enthusiasts to get involved in all aspects of the fair and experience its programmes first-hand. Our dedicated volunteers serve as the ambassadors of the event and play a vital role in ensuring the successful execution of the event.  On-site volunteers are given capacity building opportunities that involve working with galleries, manning welcome desks, interacting with guests and audiences, providing information to visitors and other specialised tasks within different programmes and areas.

Applications for volunteers at Art Dubai will open in the coming months.

External Job Openings

Positions: Gallery Assistant Intern

Organisation: Zawyeh Gallery

For more information on the role, click here.

To apply, please send your CV to zanani@zawyeh.net with the subject line “Gallery Assistant Intern thru Art Dubai”.