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Every year Art Dubai invites an artist or creative to participate in designing our visual identity in the build-up to the fair each March. While the logo remains in its constant flux, each year the visual campaign is reinvented and takes on a new aesthetic. This process echos the originality of our programme and flexibility of our model of an art fair.

In 2009, we collaborated with Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin; in 2010, with Sinisa Vlajkovic; in 2011, with Sam Irons; in 2012 with Kemistry Design and Dubai-based photographer Mohamed Somji; in 2013, we turned to the UAE community-at-large; in 2014 the campaign was based on a collection of various images from previous editions of Art Dubai; in 2015 the visual identity took at its starting point the Art Dubai logo itself; in 2016 we acknowledged the significance of the past decade while looking ahead at what is to come; and in 2017 we looked at Dubai as a trading place for the world.

Between 2011-2016 we worked with Hani Charaf of Kemistry Design, a creative studio based in Dubai. In 2017, we worked with Fikra Design Studios, and for 2019 we are working with the award-winning design and brand communication studio Moloobhoy & Brown for the second year running.

Art Dubai’s theme for its 2019 collateral explores the theme of convergence as a metaphor for the fair’s role as a meeting point for the global art world.

The collateral photography was taken in different regions of the Global South by the internationally established photographer Joshua Lawrence, and has been developed for Art Dubai’s 2019 campaign in collaboration with Dubai-based agency Moloobhoy & Brown. To meet the creative minds behind the design and find out more about their work click here.