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From the minuscule to the momentous, Art Dubai’s 2016 campaign  acknowledged the significance of the past decade while looking ahead at what is to come.

Art Dubai’s 2016 campaign celebrated the tenth year of the fair.

We worked with our creative agency Kemistry Design to develop a visual campaign that was a story in and of itself: one that articulated the age and development of the fair, playing on the fact that the tenth birthday was highly significant yet also just the beginning of the growth that was to come.

The campaign referenced a range of events, trends and happenings of ten years ago – from the miniscule to the momentous. Each image told its own story; together, they built a picture of a moment ten years ago, at the time of the founding of the fair. Pictured above: a reference to Pluto no longer being considered the ninth planet from the sun.

Running over six months, the build-up of images–through invitations, promotional materials, digital platforms, advertisements and other applications–acted as a trail of “breadcrumbs”, drawing in audiences and encouraging them to follow the campaign and become a part of Art Dubai 2016.

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