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Launching in March 2020 and developing over time, Art Dubai’s new online-only Planetary Feed gathers special reports, interviews, insights and personal impressions from the extended Art Dubai community, including past and present participants, contributors, partners and friends. Planetary Feed aims to give individual and collective voices a space to contribute to the unpredictable universal story currently unfolding across the world.


La Vitrine at Beirut Art Residency

La Vitrine, a project space on the ground floor of Rue Pasteur in the popular Beirut neighborhood Gemmayze, presents site-specific artist interventions in a four by two metre, high-ceilinged room, with only a glass door separating it from the sidewalk and passersby. In a time with widespread lockdowns and physical distancing, this project allows us to examine what happens when we alter the conventional art presentation model with one that increases the physical distance between the viewer and the artwork.


The MMAG Foundation Care Package Series

Amman-based MMAG Foundation has developed a series of care packages filled with intangibles; collections of memes, thoughts, films, photographs, songs and videos that lend a sense of comfort, entertainment, thought, or visual delight as forms of care. Co-imagined with Sarah Rifky – writer, curator and co-founder of Beirut (2012–15), an art institution in Cairo – and in collaboration with independent Egyptian news platform, Mada Masr, these care packages each have a different theme and contain a unique set of materials for the viewer to unravel. Currently featuring packages by The Rocca Family Project, Zach Blas and Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez.


A Focus on Non-Profit Art Foundations in the Global South: The Devi Art Foundation

Devi Art Foundation was established as a not-for-profit organisation in 2005 to facilitate the viewership of creative expressions and artistic practices that exist in India.

As uncertainty and need for hope/action grips us and we turn to arts of different kinds to cope – we look back at an exhibition Devi Art Foundation did in 2011 – HOME SPUN. The exhibition was curated by independent writer and curator, Girish Shahane.


News from Nowhere by Nabla Yahya

News from Nowhere compiles snippets from global news reports through video montage. The video aims to highlight issues that may quickly be forgotten, or remain unnoticed during chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic.


do nothing club by Nabla Yahya

Comprised of clips featured on social media channels, and other found footage, do nothing club is a fleeting summary of our collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the coping mechanisms that have arisen from it.


Worlding For Real by Ana Maria Ana Maria Nicolaescu

As gamification invades real life, Worlding for Real is a true story about pixels, gameworlds, multiplayer networks and systems of play today. Part 1 explores the beginnings and ends of pixels, and the transfers of power at the edges of what is seen and computational invisibility.


Clean Hands Real by Nabla Yahya

Part manifesto, part video essay, Clean Hands is a summarised riposte to the vapid, selfish acts and behaviours one witnesses as a mere bystander to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Music for Homes by Farah Al Qasimi

Music for Homes was composed in quarantine and is meant to be both calming and energizing. It’s also an homage to Brian Eno’s Music for Airports, as well as composers Laurie Spiegel and Haruomi Hosono.
Part manifesto, part video essay, Clean Hands is a summarised riposte to the vapid, selfish acts and behaviours one witnesses as a mere bystander to the Covid-19 pandemic.


ArtTactic’s South Asia Special Report: Art & Philanthropy 2020

A Special Report on Art & Philanthropy models across South Asia, in partnership with ArtTactic, is now available to download. The report aims to better understand the funding eco-system for the visual arts sector, and to map and present innovative and sustainable philanthropic activities in the region.