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Consulate General of Italy in Dubai

The Consulate General of Italy in Dubai provides consular services to a growing community of 16.000+ residents, fostering Italian culture and trade relations in the region.

Through collaborations with institutions and artists, it aims to promote cultural exchange while also supporting Italian businesses in navigating the dynamic market of Dubai and its surrounding areas. Operating under the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it works alongside the Embassy, Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi, and Italian Trade Agency to advance Italy’s interests in the region.


Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi

The Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi, part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, promotes Italian language, culture, and arts in the UAE and fosters cultural ties between Italy and the Emirates. Serving as the cultural arm of the Italian Embassy, it organizes diverse cultural initiatives with Italy as the central theme, contributing to the global network of 84 Italian Cultural Institutes, which play a vital role in showcasing and driving cultural cooperation worldwide.


Renoir Consulting’s Sustainability Practice is dedicated to empowering corporations to navigate their sustainability journey with purpose. From initial materiality assessments to the development of actionable sustainability strategies, net-zero plans, and solutions to address climate impact, our expertise spans the entire spectrum. Catering to varied sectors, we offer tailored services that address the unique challenges and opportunities of each domain. Beyond strategic advice, we stand by our clients, supporting the tangible implementation of ESG initiatives to fulfill their environmental, social, and governance objectives. As sustainability partners of Art Dubai Group, we are proud to be part of the company’s sustainability journey.


Dibba Bay is the first and only gourmet oyster farm in the Middle East, based in Dibba, Fujairah. The farm is a 90 minute drive from Dubai and harvesting takes  three times a week, every week of the year, to ensure incredibly fresh oysters are delivered to customers in a regular and reliable fashion. The Dibba Bay oyster is a sustainably farmed local product of the UAE  with a growing reputation as a world class gourmet product. Dibba Bay is certified by Friend of the Sea for its sustainable aquaculture practices.