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In Conversation: Curator Munira Al Sayegh with the creatives behind Unootha

Unootha, meaning womanhood in Arabic, encapsulates the ethos of the eponymous independent e-magazine launched by Fatima Al Jarman while in search of a community-driven platform for Middle Eastern and North African womxn. The team driving Unootha have used the changes brought about by the current global situation to find new ways to engage with their communities and in the process redefining spaces in which these communities interact.


Watch curator Munira Al Sayegh’s conversation with Unootha founder Fatima Al Jarman, and contributors Nouf AlJahdami, Dana Al Rashid and Ghada Ghannam.

Unootha has released seven issues so far across a wide range of topics across female identity, exploration of the corporeal body and notions of healing among others. They have also hosted workshops, talks and meet-ups, in addition to launching a podcast series titled ‘Broadening Unootha’. Below is a selection of highlights picked by the Art Dubai team.

Locations & Spaces


The seventh issue of Unootha, published in June 2020, under the title ‘Locations and Spaces’ is an exploration of home, of distance, of love and loss. Initially the theme was selected prior to worldwide lockdowns and was a simple exploration of geographical landscapes and identity. By the time of publishing the theme has taken on a new meaning. 

Alya Osman, A Conversation with Amina 307

Ghada Ghanna, Shells

Cover of Unootha ‘Locations & Spaces’



In ‘Bodies’, the sixth issue, featuring a collection of vulnerable, honest work, the contributions tackle the MENA region’s beauty standards and notions of sexuality.

 Interview with Sahar Ghorishi on how she is challenging Iranian beauty standards
Maryam Jammal, would you wear someone else’s body?
Cover of Unootha, ‘Bodies’



In its third issue, Unootha expands the conversation on what healing is, to present it in all of its nuances, in its beauty and ugliness and everything in between.

Cover of Unootha ‘Healing’
Leila Marie, Metanoia
Sarah Al Nuaimi, Cocktails & Dreams

To view the digital platform’s full range of content, click here.


Unootha is an e-magazine and platform that features the creative work of MENA womxn. The platform aims to provide a safe space that enables all forms of self-expression, whether that be through visual art, written work, or beyond. Throughout the year, Unootha releases collections of work, from heartfelt declarations of love to painful accounts of hardships, that revolve around specific themes, and has released seven issues so far. The platform also hosts digital and in-person events and has launched a podcast titled ‘Broadening Unootha’.