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ArtTactic’s South Asia Special Report: Art & Philanthropy 2020

The ArtTactic 2020 South Asia Special Report on Art & Philanthropy models across South Asia, in partnership with Art Dubai, is now available to download here.

The report aims to better understand the funding eco-system for the visual arts sector, and to map and present innovative and sustainable philanthropic activities in the region. Although the majority of philanthropic arts activities are taking place in India, innovative models are emerging in other parts of the region, from artist-led initiatives to new models focusing on the public realm. In the absence of public funding, younger and older generations of artists are mobilising to create their own philanthropic models to build and sustain artistic practices ignored by the commercial market.

The report features the inaugural South Asian Art Patron Survey 2020, which is a first attempt to start monitoring trends and motivations in individual giving to the arts, and the South Asian Investment in the Arts Survey 2020, which sets out to better understand how arts organisations in the region are currently funding their activities, and the challenges they are facing as we are heading into the next decade.

The aim for their report is that it can trigger a broader debate around how to encourage more support for the arts and inspire innovation and adaption of new philanthropic models fit for the unprecedented times we live in.

To read more, visit ArtTactic’s website.

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