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Gallery One

Ramallah, Palestine

Ibrahim Nubani, Untitled, 2018, Oil on canvas, 110 x 130 cm

Courtesy: Gallery One

Gallery One is a Ramallah-based contemporary art gallery founded in 2013 by Samar Martha, an independent curator. The Gallery mission is to generate interest in Palestinian art and provide a platform to showcase Palestinian modern and contemporary art to local and international audiences.

Since its founding, the gallery has committed to providing a platform and support to the immense amount of artistic talent in Palestine. The gallery has contributed to the formation of a base for modern art, and has also driven new trends in exposition and collection by showcasing artists whose work indicates innovative directions in contemporary art. In addition to the exhibition at the gallery premises, Gallery One has established an international presence through its participation in prestigious art fairs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Istanbul Beirut and Lyon.

Artworks showcased by Gallery One has been acquired by the largest regional and international collections which include the Barjeel Art Foundation, UAE; Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE; The British Museum, UK; Guggenheim, Abu Dhabi; MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland amongst many others.


Ibrahim Nubani


Rafat Asad
Amjad Ghanam
Alexandra Sophia Handal
Khaled Jarrar
Manal Mahamid
Reem Natsheh
Amer Shomail


Samar Martha, Director

Ramallah, Palestine
Aen Munjab
VIP Building Al Mayoun no.5
Al Shoubak St.
T: +970 592 922 218