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Bologna, ITALY

Irma Blank, Radical Writings, Pagina I, 28 maggio 1986, 1986, acrylic on canvas, 70 x 50 cm

Courtesy: Courtesy the artist and P420, Bologna

P420 was founded in Bologna in 2010 by Alessandro Pasotti and Fabrizio Padovani, and is located at Via Azzo Gardino since January 2016. Working with artists from even widely separate generations, P420 examines the relations between languages belonging to different periods, with the aim of bringing out their continuously timely pertinence. P420 collaborates directly with the artists, or with their heirs and the foundations that represent them.In 2020 P420 opens P4202, a new project space devoted to a great extent to the discovery of young and emerging artists. P4202 intends to break down the barriers between virtual and real. The carefully selected artists will have the possibility to make a debut on a hybrid exhibition platform, simultaneously live and online,which we might call “onlife”, to borrow an apt definition from the philosopher Luciano Floridi.


Irma Blank
Adelaide Cioni
Pieter Vermeersch


Helene Appel
Riccardo Baruzzi
Irma Blank
Adelaide Cioni
John Coplans
June Crespo
Laura Grisi
Milan Grygar
Rodrigo Hernández
Paolo Icaro
Merlin James

Ana Lupas
Piero Manai
Marie Cool Fabio Balducci
Richard Nonas
Francis Offman
Stephen Rosenthal
Joachim Schmid
Alessandra Spranzi
Goran Trbuljak
Franco Vaccari
Shafei Xia


Alessandro Pasotti, Founder & Owner
Fabrizio Padovani, Founder & Owner
Chiara Tiberio, Director

Bologna, ITALY
Via Azzo Gardino, 9