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Sabrina Amrani

Madrid, Spain

Carlos Aires, THE END, 2014, Digital print on Hahnemühle paper, dollar bills, wooden frame with gold leaf, 64 x 64 x 7 cm. Ed. 1/5 + 2 AP

Courtesy: The Artist and Sabrina Amrani

Sabrina Amrani opened her eponymous gallery based in Madrid, Spain, in June 2011. French of Algerian origin, she was raised in a mix of cultures, traditions and habits that are common grounds to most artists she works with. The gallery represents artists across East and West, eliminating cultural gaps and promoting a dialogue exchange and intellectual growth through it.


The distinctive signs of Sabrina Amrani Gallery are proposals that invite to think about the society and the individual: Socio-political issues, identity, space,architecture, … and the discovery of talented artists all around the world to share their work to a global audience, therefore stating its will to become an international cultural agent.


Although the gallery represents emergent and established artists of any nationality, the project pays particular attention to the new voices that are emerging in the Global South.


The gallery regularly organizes and participates in not-for-profit activities such as screenings, workshops, education programs, public lectures and panel talks with prominent and relevant names in its space, or outside its walls in collaboration with various institutions and art organizations.


In January 2019, the gallery inaugurated a 600 sqm second space in Madrid, in Calle Sallaberry 52.


:mentalKLINIK, born in 1998, Turkey
Carlos Aires, born in 1974, Spain
Manal Aldowayan, born in 1973, Saudi Arabia
Chant Avedissian, born in 1951, Egypt
Waqas Khan, born in 1982, Pakistan
Timo Nasseri, born in 1972, Germany
Wardha Shabbir, born in 1987, Pakistan
Jorge Tacla, born in 1958, Chile


Manal AlDowayan
Joël Andrianomearisoa
Chant Avedissian
Amina Benbouchta
Gabriela Bettini
Zoulikha Bouabdellah
Babak Golkar
Ayesha Jatoi
Alexandra Karakashian
Waqas Khan
Nicène Kossentini
Timothy Hyunsoo Lee
Julia Llerena
Mónica de Miranda
Jong Oh
Edison Peñafiel
Anastasia Samoylova
Jorge Tacla
Ishola Akpo
Carlos Aires
Timo Nasseri
Wardha Shabbir
Josep Grau-Garriga


Jal Hamad, Gallery director

Madrid, Spain
Calle Pez 12

Madrid, Spain
Calle Madera 23

Madrid, Spain
Calle Sallaberry 52