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Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Beirut, Lebanon

Jamil Molaeb, Birth, 1982, Woodcut Print on Fabriano Paper 100 % Cotton, 76x56cm, Courtesy of Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Galerie Janine Rubeiz was founded in 1993 by Janine Rubeiz’s daughter, Nadine Begdache, and is dedicated to showcasing established and emerging artists from across the Middle East.


Lebanese artist Jamil Molaeb interweaves traditional with modern painting depicting scenes of traditional rural life. The series of woodcuts presented stems from period of 1980-2000.
“Through his woodcuts, Molaeb watches his familiar world with obvious affection and active sympathy, a world threatened by war, rampant globalization, mechanization, information technologies, real estate and financial speculation, in order to perpetuate its memory through a graphic approach imbued with hieraticism and sometimes solemnity which ennobles and idealizes even the minor aspects of peasant life. …Molaeb proffers a range of works imbued by the nostalgia and hope of a quiet convivial life, a life worth living, despite the bellicose mood of the times. Excerpt from the book: “Jamil Molaeb – Xylographies /Woodcuts” by Joseph Tarrab.


Jamil Molaeb


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Director: Nadine Begdache
Majdalani Bldg
Charles De Gaulle Avenue
Raouché Beirut
T: +961 1 868 290
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