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Shirin Gallery

Tehran, Iran

Kourosh Shishegaran, Self Portrait, 1997, Oil Color on Canvas, 170x120cm, Courtesy of Artist

Shirin Gallery is an art gallery committed to establishing an international context for the broad range of contemporary art practices within Iran and its surrounding regions. The gallery’s current programming is focused on the historical link between Iran’s modernist movements and contemporary art practices today. With branches in New York and Tehran, Shirin Gallery exists as a transnational platform for curatorial and pedagogical projects that foster artistic activity and exchange among emerging and established artists. In Tehran, the gallery exhibits its permanent collection showcasing respected Iranian artists as well as presenting bi-weekly exhibitions by upcoming talents and established artists. Shirin NY, located in the Chelsea Gallery District, furthers Shirin Gallery’s commitment to cultural exchange by exhibiting the Middle East’s rich artistic history within the US.
Known for his more familiar style of painting, scribbles and doodles, Koorosh Shishegaran (b. 1944) has experienced various styles. These include a wide array of experiments on different media and a range of approaches. The works before 80’s can be classified into different series, including Mass Production Works (1973-74), Appropriation of Works of Great Artists (1974-76), Postal Art (1976), Art+Art (1976-77), Art for Production (1977-78), and Political Social Posters (1978-81). Since 1983 Shishegaran has concentrated more on painting and drawing with his familiar feature: line.


Kourosh Shishegaran


Sepehr Bakhtiyari
Kavian Hazeli
Adel Hosseininik
Mallahat Mohebkhah
Hooman Nobakht
Farnaz Rabieejah
Nasrin Malek Sabet
Iman Safaei
Rim El Jundi
Bassam Geitani
Ghassan Ghazal
Laure Ghorayeb
Dima Hajjar
Joseph Harb


Directors: Shirin Partovi Tavakolian and Laleh Pasdar Saghri

No. 5  13th Street Sanaei
1585795713 Tehran
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