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Global Art Forum 02

Each year, the Global Art Forum brings together a diverse line-up of artists, curators, musicians, writers and thought leaders. The Forum is recognised for its collaborative, innovative approach to the art world and draws on other disciplines and experiences to take a broad ‘helicopter view’. It includes performance, music, commissioned research and projects alongside live talks.

Over the years, the Forum has toured to Qatar, Kuwait, France and the UK, and grown to include publications, workshops and other educational initiatives.

The second edition of the Global Art Forum continued to create links between East and West through the exploration of professional and public interests in art. Over 1000 people attended a dozen sessions featuring nearly 60 speakers, which included art world celebrities, established and emerging artists, international curators, architects, museum directors, members of the business community and the institutional world, collectors, philanthropists, writers, critics and academics.

In 2008, the program of the second Global Art Forum was held in two parts, on March 17 – 18, at the DIFC. The topics gathered under the title Art Patronage in the Business Age and focused on art and business and private and corporate collecting as well the impact of culture on cities. The second part of the Global Art Forum 2 was held, from March 19 – 21, 2008, on the beach of the Jumeirah Resort and focused on Artists, Curation and Museums.

A special program on Art and Production was held on October 23, 2008 in Paris, in cooperation with the FIAC.

The Financial Times was the international media partner.





Building a corporate collection

Strategies used in corporate art collections and how to quantify a return on investment in terms of employee motivation, education and involvement.

Peter Aspden (Arts Writer, Financial Times)

María de Corral (Curator, Director Venice Biennale 52, Caixia Collection, Teléfonica Collection and Reina Sofía Musuem)

Katherine Gass (Curator Jumeirah Essex House)

Beatrix Ruf (Director, Kunsthalle Zürich)

Catterina Seia (Unicredit)

CONVERSATION: Soichiro Fukutake and Judith Greer

Judith Greer (Collector, Writer, Chair, Artangel)

Soichiro Fukutake (Founder, Naoshima Fukutake Museum Foundation and President, Benesse Corporation)

Working with corporations

Companies working with artists and art institutions. Creating art projects. Strategic partnerships with museums. Working with artists for corporate research and development.

Louisa Buck (Arts Writer, The Art Newspaper)

Francesco Bonami (Manilow Senior Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art and Enel Contemporary Curator)

Michela Bondardo (Sistema Impresa e Cultura)

Frances Morris (Head of Collections – International Art, Tate Modern)

Colin Tweedy (CEO, Arts & Business)



Creating a cultural policy


Andras Szanto (Senior Advisor Wealth & Giving Forum, Senior Faculty Sotheby’s Institute, Director of the NEA Arts Journalism Institute, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism)

CONVERSATION: Andras Szanto and Scott Desmarais 

Scott Desmarais (Director, Strategy & Business Development, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority)

Andras Szanto (Senior Advisor Wealth & Giving Forum, Senior Faculty Sotheby’s Institute, Director of the NEA Arts Journalism Institute, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism)

STATE OF QATAR: Building a cultural capital

Wassan Al-Khudhairi (Curator, Museum of Modern Arab Art)

Building cultural cities

Paolo Colombo (Art Advisor, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art), Jemima Montagu (Director Cultural Programmes, Turquoise Mountain)

HE Zaki Nusseibeh (Vice Chairman Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, Advisor Presidential Affairs Ministry)

Andras Szanto (Senior Advisor Wealth & Giving Forum, Senior Faculty Sotheby’s Institute, Director of the NEA Arts Journalism Institute, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism)

William Wells (Director Townhouse Gallery)

PRIVATE PASSIONS: Cultural philanthropy and collecting

Jan Dalley (Arts Editor, Financial Times)

Dr Farhad Farjam (Collector)

Stella Kesaeva (Collector)

Ebrahim Melamed (Honart Museum)

Boris Manner (Curator, Stella Art Foundation)

Lulu Al Sabah (Writer and Critic)



Commissioning art today – with credit Suisse: spreading content and supporting talent

Michelle Nicol (Managing Partner & Curator, Glamour Engineering)

Thukral and Tagra (Artists)

Latifa Echakhch (Artist), Plamen Dejanoff (Artist)

Mamiko Otsubo (Artist)

CONVERSATION: Charles Merewether and Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei (Artist)

Charles Merewether (Cultural Adviser and Curator)

TALK: Daniel Buren (Artist)

CONVERSATION: Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian and Hans Ulrich Obrist

Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian (Artist)

Hans Ulrich Obrist (Co-Director Serpentine Gallery)

TALK: Tony Cragg (Artist)

THE ART OF WORDS: Calligraphy and text

Lawrence Weiner (Artist)

Venetia Porter (Curator, British Museum)



NEW ART PRODUCTIONS: The Middle East through video

Negar Azimi (Senior Editor, Bidoun, Board of Arab Image Foundation)

Stuart Comer (Curator, Film, Tate Modern)

Nav Haq (Curator, Arnolfini)

Hassan Khan (Artist and Musician)

Tirdad Zolghadr (Freelance Writer and Curator)

EXILES AND NOMADS: Keeping up with the new global culture

Salima Hashmi (Artist and Curator, Dean, School of Visual Arts, Beaconhouse National University)

Jack Persekian (Artistic Director, Sharjah Biennial)

Naiza Khan (Artist)

Farid Sarroukh (Artist, Professor, Rensslearville)

PARIS–DUBAI: France and the Middle East, tradition and transition a collaboration with FIAC

Catherine David (Curator)

Djamel Kokene (Artist, Writer, Editor of Checkpoint Magazine)

Pierre Abi Saab (Journalist, Editor-in-Chief, Zawaya Magazine)

Adila Laidi-Hanieh (Writer and Curator, Professor of History and Palestinian Art, Birzeit University)

TALK: Branding Museums

Corinne Estrada (Director, AGENDA)

Jane Wentworth (Jane Wentworth Associates)

Museums as educational institutions: think-tank presentation

Lisa Ball-Lechgar (Editor, Canvas)

Suzanne Isken (Director of Education, L.A. MOCA)

Sonia Brewin (Director, START)

Eungie Joo (Head of Education and Public Programs, New Museum)

The story of the Museum of Modern Art

Glenn Lowry (Director, Museum of Modern Art)

The New Museum Think Tank: cultural institutions and the Middle East

Jack Persekian (Artistic Director, Sharjah Biennial)

Marc Pottier (Art Adviser)

Tarek Abou El-Fetouh (Director, Young Arab Theater Fund)

Lamia Joreige (Beirut Art Center)

Wassan Al-Khudhairi (Curator, Museum of Modern Arab Art)

Tarek Atoui (Artist)

TALK: Visions of Dubai

Rem Koolhaas (Architect)


Peter Aspden
María de Corral
Pierre Abi Saab
Tarek Abou El-Fetouh
Ai Wei Wei
Tarek Atoui
Negar Azimi
Lisa Ball-Lechgar
Francesco Bonami
Michela Bondardo
Sonia Brewin
Louisa Buck
Daniel Buren
Paolo Colombo
Stuart Comer
Tony Cragg
Jan Dalley
Catherine David
Plamen Dejanoff
Scott Desmarais
Latifa Echakhch

Corinne Estrada
Dr Farhad Farjam
Soichiro Fukutake
Katherine Gass
Judith Greer
Nav Haq
Salima Hashmi
Suzanne Isken
Eungie Joo
Lamia Joreige
Stella Kesaeva
Hassan Khan
Naiza Khan
Wassan Al-Khudhairi
Djamel Kokene
Rem Koolhaas
Adila Laidi-Hanieh
Glenn Lowry
Boris Manner
Ebrahim Melamed
Charles Merewether

Frances Morris
Michelle Nicol
HE Zaki Nusseibeh
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Mamiko Otsubo
Jack Persekian
Venetia Porter
Marc Pottier
Beatrix Ruf
Lulu Al Sabah
Farid Sarroukh
Catterina Seia
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian
Andras Szanto
Colin Tweedy
Lawrence Weiner
William Wells
Jane Wentworth
Tirdad Zolghadr
Thukral and Tagra


Global Art Forum is an annual, transdisciplinary summit, based in Dubai, which combines original thinking and contemporary themes in an intimate, live environment. Since 2007, the Forum has been a key part of Art Dubai’s extensive cultural programming. Featuring live talks guided by a curated theme, Global Art Forum has brought together over 500 global minds from pop culture to renowned academia: artists, curators, museum directors, filmmakers, novelists, historians, philosophers, technologists, entrepreneurs, musicians and performers. Central to Global Art Forum’s continuing success is the dialogue the platform fosters across disciplines, reporting from every part of the world to paint a truly 21st century portrait of how the globalised world thinks. Recently, the Forum has been invited to present special editions at the Royal Academy of Arts, London; and the ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Global Art Forum is supported by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.