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Yeo Workshop


Filippo Sciascia, Phylogenetic, 2019, Oil on synthetic canvas and LED light, 88 x 152 cm.

Courtesy: Yeo Workshop.

Yeo Workshop proudly presents a vibrant and textured booth at Art Dubai 2024, showcasing the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian cultures. Our booth integrates domestic and environmental landscapes, traditional textiles, and new media to evoke a symphony of Southeast Asian heritage. The featured artists provide insightful commentaries on contemporary issues in the region, exploring sustainability and the evolving landscape.

Discovered female artist Noor Mahnun Mohamed, also known as Anum, presents figurative and watercolour works that seamlessly blend domestic scenes with elements of realism, allegory, and whimsy. Anum, a multifaceted artist based in Malaysia, brings a unique perspective shaped by her background in architecture, incorporating intricate geometric patterns inspired by both European and Southeast Asian architecture.

Thai artist Santi Wangchuan contributes to the exhibition with handmade woven works from the Colour of Life series. Born into a family of traditional weavers, Santi’s mixed media pieces preserve the endangered craft while reflecting on the transition from natural to synthetic materials in today’s rapidly urbanising society.

Returning to Art Dubai, Maryanto explores the consequences of corporate and governmental exploitation of natural resources, focusing on the sand mining industry in central Java. Through scratching and charcoal works, Maryanto delves into the environmental devastation caused by these practices, addressing themes of post-coloniality, developmental politics, and capitalism.

Filippo Sciascia captivates with two mixed-media works, Phylogenetic and Primitive Learning, incorporating LED light as a metaphor for knowledge and energy. Reflecting the artist’s interest in semiology, Primitive Learning features a lighted branch resembling arrows, a motif prevalent in European heraldry.

Citra Sasmita, who is participating in the Diriyah Biennale, expands her practice with new embroidered works for Dubai. Collaborating with traditional Balinese embroiderers, Citra designs vibrant pieces adorned with sequined borders, drawing from ancient Balinese culture and literature. Additionally, her acrylic on traditional Kamasan canvas works embody narratives around femininity.

Brandon Tay, representative of Southeast Asia’s growing tech landscape, explores sentient life and new creature forms using cutting-edge technology. His 3-D printed mixed-media sculpture, Model B: Orchid Mantis, showcases an expanding practice in new media, reflecting on the intersection of technology and the future.

The group presentation at Art Dubai serves as a poignant reflection on natural landscapes, channelling nostalgia for the pre-industrial era and paying homage to local traditional crafts. It beautifully captures the simplicity of domestic life while propelling into the realm of new media, offering a thought-provoking exploration of Southeast Asia’s intricate complexities.


Anum (Noor Mahnun Mohamed), born in 1964, Malaysia
Maryanto, born in 1977, Indonesia
Brandon Tay
, born in 1981, Singapore
Citra Sasmita, born in 1990, Indonesia
Filippo Sciascia, born in 1972, Italy
Santi Wangchuan, born in 1988, Thailand


Wei Leng Tay
Lip Chin Wong
Priyageetha Dia
Sarah Choo Jing
Cian Dayrit
Mu Xue
Citra Sasmita
Quynh Dong
Filippo Sciascia
Santi Wangchuan
Marcin Dudek
Moi Tran
Anna Prvacki
Solamalay Namasivayam
Aki Hassan
Cole Sternberg