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SARAI Gallery

Mahshahr / Tehran, Iran

Moslem Khezri, Sara, 2023, Oil on Canvas, 145 x 120 cm

Courtesy: SARAI Gallery

SARAI Gallery is a contemporary gallery specializing in Middle Eastern art. Established by Hassan Saradipour in 2018, SARAI Gallery represents bright emerging and young regional talents including Iranian and Pakistani artists internationally, helping them achieve their potential both in recognition and value by organizing exhibitions and joint events, and publishing works by artists. SARAI has Moreover, since 2020, our gallery has introduced Khor Art Initiative, an annual art prize for local artists, reviewed by a high-profile international jury.


SARAI Gallery has appeared at top art fairs around the world, including Art Dubai 2020-21-23, The Armory Show 2021-22- 23, KIAF 2021-22, Art Busan 2022, Asia Now 2021-22, Abu Dhabi Art 2021-22, Untitled Art Miami Beach 2022, Expo Chicago 2023, and Art Brussels 2023 among others, making it one of the youngest galleries to appear on such competitive platforms, presenting for the first time talented artists virtually unknown outside of their home country. SARAI Gallery was honored to win the Presents Booth Prize during the Armory Show in September 2021 and has been the sole gallery representing Middle Eastern presence in South Korean-based international art fairs for the past few years.


SARAI Gallery’s main exhibition space is located in Mahshahr, Iran, where we host shows throughout the year. Mahshahr is an ancient port city in southern Iran and Hassan Saradipour’s childhood home. As an arts-and-culture establishment, we chose this location over bustling metropolises not only for maritime transport but, more importantly, because we care about engaging both artists and audiences on a local level, and we believe decentralization is a key aspect in representing the rich and diverse cultures and ethnicities within the region.


At SARAI Gallery, we have defined two main projects to serve our vision: Pasitigris Projects focuses on artists coming from southern cultures, and under Karavan Projects, SARAI organizes collaborative shows with selected galleries and institutions at home, particularly in Tehran, as well as in major art capitals across the globe including Cromwell Place, London. Our LA-based office handles US and international affairs.


Shima Faridani, born in 1982, Iran
Moslem Khezri
, born in 1984, Iran
Sam Nikmaram, born in 1991, Iran
Sadaf Seyed, born in 1996, Iran
Faezeh Zandieh, born in 1993, Iran


Ali Zakeri
Moslem Khezri
Abbas Nasle Shamloo
Ali Saeedi
Parham Peyvandi
Sam Nikmaram
Shima Faridani
Mohammad Khalili
Sadaf Seyed
Mahdi Chitsazha
Ayda Roozbayani
Faezeh Zandieh
Sadegh Khalife
Seyed Taher Mousavi
Zahra Yousefi


Hassan Saradipour, Founder
Hasti Heydari, Executive Director
Payam Khalili, Director

Mahshahr, Iran
3rd Floor, Neda Building,
Maroon Street

Tehran, Iran
No 17.1, Golsa Building,
Varkesh Alley, Mofatteh Avenue