Sanchit Art

Booth M10
New Delhi, India

K.H. Ara, Untitled, 1950s, Oil on Jute,  41.9cm x 57.2cm, Courtesy of Sanchit Gallery and K.H. Ara

Sanchit Art represents the best of modern & contemporary Indian art and it specializes in showcasing quality artworks by senior and master artists. It also aims to bridge the gap between artists working in India and abroad by establishing a platform for them with curated shows of Indian art abroad.


MF Husain
FN Souza
Ram Kumar
KH Ara
Ganesh Pyne
GR Santosh


Satish Gujral
Neeraj Goswami
Dipak Banerjee
Thota Vaikuntam
Jogen Chowdhury
Lalu Prasad Shaw
Paresh Maity
Vasundhara Tewari Broota


Sanchit Joshan, Director
Sunil Joshan, Director

New Delhi, India
155, DLF South Court Mall
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