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Istanbul, TURKEY


Nevin Aladag, Social Fabric, Skylight Summer, 2021, carpet pieces on wood – collage with carpets of different origin and material; from knotted kelims, virgil wool and silk carpets to industrially produced Tretford, Sisal and wool carpets

Courtesy : Nevin Aladag. Photo by Trevor Good

Located in Istanbul’s historical district of Dolapdere, PILEVNELI opened its doors with Johan Creten’s solo exhibition titled “Between Day and Dream” in 2017. The gallery, founded by Murat Pilevneli, conveys a fresh new spirit with an international perspective to the contemporary art scene of Istanbul and the region. Focused on contemporary art, PILEVNELI carries a body of local and international artists who are unique and consistent in their practice.

The gallery building, designed by the renowned architect Emre Arolat, has a 1,500 square meter exhibition space. The five-story gallery, as an instance of revitalization, is one of the first examples of cultural and art-oriented urban transformation in the Dolapdere region. In 2018, the building of PILEVNELI gained eligibility for the shortlist in the category of culture at the World Architecture Festival.

Established within PILEVNELI, PILEVNELI Project carries out its activities as an art and culture platform. PILEVNELI project also works with artists not represented by the gallery, with exhibitions organized under various titles, and forms new energy for the contemporary art world by collaborating with numerous contemporary art actors.


Nevin Aladağ, born in 1972, Turkey
Banu Anka
, born in 1982, Iran
Johan Creten, born in 1963, Belgium
Hussein Chalayan, born in 1970, Cyprus
Ali Elmacı, born in 1976, Turkey
Esra Gülmen, born in 1986, Turkey
Daniel Knorr, born in 1968, Romania
Arik Levy, born in 1963, Israel/France
Mehmet & Kazım, born in 1991, 1981, Germany
Hans Op de Beeck, born in 1969, Belgium
Michael Sailstorfer, born in 1979, Germany
Serkan Sarıer, born in 1979, Germany
Defne Tesal, born in 1985, Turkey
Tarık Töre, born in 1985, Turkey
Yuşa Yalçıntaş, born in 1985, Turkey


Refik Anadol
Hussein Chalayan
Johan Creten
Esra Gülmen
Arik Levy
Tony Matelli
Bjarne Melgaard
Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille
Tobias Rehberger
Michael Sailstorfer
Defne Tesal
Richard Wilson
Bora Akinciturk
Nevin Aladag
Ali Elmaci
Mehmet & Kazim
Serkan Sarier
Tarik Tore
Sucuk & Bratwurst
Hans Op de Beeck


Murat Pilevneli, Owner & Founder
Naz Yildiz, Artist Relations Director

Istanbul, Turkey
Yenişehir, Irmak Cd. No:25
Beyoğlu, Istanbul