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Perve Galeria

Lisbon, Portugal

Reinata Sadimba, The Healing Touch Series Part I, 2023, Installation, Variable Dimensions


Courtesy: Perve Galeria

Located in the historic centre of Lisbon since 2000, Perve Galeria presents exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, incorporating authors from various backgrounds and artistic languages, such as the visual arts, music, poetry, cinema, interactive multimedia, and performance. Throughout the years it has organized multiple national and international artistic initiatives, with emphasis on curatorial projects such as the International Triennial of Contemporary Art in Prague(Czech Republic, 2008); the International travelling exhibitions “Mobility Re-reading the Future” (Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Portugal, 2008-09), “Lusofonias | Lusophonies” (Lisbon, Dakar, New Delhi, 2009-17); the 2nd Global Art Meeting with the participation of more than 150 artists from 3continents (Portugal, 2008-09); The exhibition cycle “Os Surrealistas 1949-2009” (Portugal, 2009) and the “555-Ciclo Gutenberg” (Portugal, 2010).


It has also participated in several important art fairs such as Frieze Masters; AKAA – Also Known as Africa; 1- 54 Contemporary African Art Fair London/New York; ARCO Lisboa – Africa in Focus section; JustLX; JustMAD; London Art Fair; Art Dubai; Drawing Room Madrid; Cape Town Art Fair; Frieze Masters Madrid; Frieze Viewing Room; CI – Contemporary Istanbul; India Art Fair; Hot Art Basel; Art Madrid, and FIG Bilbao, where it was awarded the prize for best exhibitor in 2022, among others.


Since the late 1990s, Perve Galeria has been building the vast collection devoted to modern and contemporary art from the Portuguese-speaking countries named “Lusofonias / Lusophonies”. The collection aims to produce interactions and merge the gap between Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia, and was already presented in various countries, such as India, Portugal, Senegal, and Turkey (you can see the catalogues from those exhibitions here : https://pervegaleria.eu/home/index.php/exposicoes-da-colecao.html).


In 2013 the gallery launched a museological space in Lisbon, named Freedom’s House – Mário Cesariny, that pays homage to this fundamental Portuguese poet and surrealist painter. It hosts an artistic legacy bequeathed by Cesariny and collections devoted to Portuguese Surrealism, Experimental Art, African Primitive Art, Erotic Art and Lusophony.


In 2009, as part of the cycle celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first exhibition of the anti-group “Os Surrealistas”, it held the exhibition “Surrealism -Connections and Miscegenation” at the Ceutarte Gallery, located in Alcântara, Lisbon. Subsequently, it took over the management of this space, initially called Perve Alcântara, and renamed aPGn2 – a PiGeon too in 2019, when the gallery took on a new curatorial programme.


Defending the accessibility of artistic and cultural projects and the understanding of art as an essential good, Perve Galeria founded, in 2022, the open-air contemporary art space 27ARTe, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Alfama, Lisbon. Information about this and other initiatives, exhibitions, art collections, artists and artistic editions is available at www.pervegaleria.eu, where you can check the regular activity of Perve Galeria.


Reinata Sadimba, born in 1945, Mozambique


Ernesto Shikhani
Cabral Nunes
Carlos Zingaro
João Ribeiro
Mário Cesariny
Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya
Beezy Bailey
José Chambel
Manuel Figueira
Maryam Al Qassimi
Reinata Sadimba
Lizette Chirrime





Cruzeiro Seixas
Ivan Villalobos
Javier Félix
Teresa Balté
Fernando José Francisco
Figueiredo Sobral
Teresa Roza d’Oliveira
Claude Yersin
Bogdan Gulyay
Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim


Carlos Cabral Nunes, Artistic Director

Lisbon, Portugal
Rua das Escolas Gerais N.º 13, 17 & 19,