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Meem Gallery

Dubai, UAE

Marwan, Untitled (Kopf), 1975, Tempera on Canvas, 195x260cm, Courtesy of Meem Gallery

Meem Gallery is devoted to modern and contemporary Arab and Iranian art with a special focus on the works of Middle Eastern modern masters. The gallery has introduced the work of important regional artists to the Gulf region and has presented both solo exhibitions as well as group shows underlining geographical aspects.
Meem Gallery presents two of the Middle East’s most well known modern masters, who are still creating works as contemporary artists. Showing the work of Iraqi born Dia Azzawi (b.1939) side by side with the work of Syrian-born Marwan (b.1934), we aim to open a conversation about the two artists, who both left their home countries in their early careers for Europe. Key works from the 1970’s have been acquired from both artists for this focused selection, in order to catalogue and highlight their artmaking practices, themes and considerations.


Dia al-Azzawi


Kamal Boullata
Amar Dawod
Zhivago Duncan
Jeffar Khaldi
Faisel Laibi Sahi

Mahmoud Obaidi
Abbas Kiarostami
Kareem Risan
Parviz Tanavoli
Mohammed Melehi


Director: Charles Pocock
1 Kanno Group Complex
Umm Sequim St
Al Quoz 3
290 Dubai
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