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Turin, Italy / London, UK

Marinella Senatore, Make it Shine, 2023, Collage and mixed media on cotton paper, 220 x 160 cm

Courtesy: The Artist and Mazzoleni

Mazzoleni was founded in Turin in 1986 by Giovanni and Anna Pia Mazzoleni, as a natural evolution of their private collection started in the 1950s. The historic Turin space, which occupies three floors of Palazzo Panizza, overlooking the city-centre Piazza Solferino, has since 2014 been flanked by the London gallery inthe Mayfair art district. Over the past three decades Mazzoleni has organised solo and group exhibitions of more than 200 prominent Italian and international artists from across the 20thcentury with an exhibition programme focused on museum-calibre Italian art from the post war period and recently the contemporary panorama, working in close collaboration with artists’ estates and foundations.


Recent critically acclaimed exhibitions have included a major Alberto Burri exhibition in 2015, Piero Manzoni. Achromes: Linea Infinita, in collaboration with the Piero Manzoni Foundation, Fontana/Melotti. Angelic Spaces and Infinite Geometries, Neon in Contextual Play: Joseph Kosuth and Arte Povera, LIGHT IN MOTION: Balla, Dorazio, Zappettini; Michelangelo Pistoletto: Origins and Consequences; and Equilibrium. An Idea for Italian Sculpture; Nunzio. The Shock of Objectivity; Hans Hartung and Art Informel; Lucio Fontana | Enrico Baj | Piero Manzoni; Melissa McGill: In Venice; BURRI, KOUNELLIS, NUNZIO. Ethic of the Artwork and Marinella Senatore: Make it Shine; Massimo Vitali. I saw you; Salvatore Astore. The Eyes of Sculpture; Marinella Senatore. Afterglow; Andrea Francolino. But then Gaia the Earth came into being; BIANCO NERO COLORE CHIUSO APERTO. Accardi, Capogrossi, Reimondo; Nunzio. Drawings; Rebecca Moccia. Somewhere in the Room; Agostino Bonalumi, Lee Seung Jio. The Paradox of Proximity; Agostino Bonalumi: Il Teatro delle Forze. All exhibitions are accompanied by fully illustrated monographs, often featuring newly commissioned research contributing to current critical and art historical discourse. In addition, in recent years Mazzoleni has been increasingly present at international art fairs, participating across Basel, London, Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Miami, amongst others.


Andrea Francolino, born in 1979, Italy
Melissa McGill, born in 1966, USA
Marinella Senatore, born in 1977, Italy


Salvatore Astore
Enrico Baj
Agostino Bonalumi
Alberto Burri
Giuseppe Capogrossi
Enrico Castellani
Paolo Cotani
Giorgio de Chirico
Piero Dorazio
Lucio Fontana
Andrea Francolino
Hans Hartung
Piero Manzoni
Georges Mathieu




Melissa McGill
Fausto Melotti
Rebecca Moccia
Nunzio Di Stefano
David Reimondo
Shigeru Saito
Salvatore Mangione
Marinella Senatore
Giulio Turcato
Victor Vasarely
Emilio Vedova
Massimo Vitali
Gianfranco Zappettini
Getulio Alviani


Luigi Mazzoleni, Owner
Davide Mazzoleni, Owner
Jose Graci, Director

Torino, Italy
Piazza Solferino 2

London, UK
15 Old Bond Street

Torino, Italy
Piazza Solferino 2,