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Instituto De Vision

Booth G10
Bogotá, Colombia

Mazenett Quiroga
Lina Mazenett
Colombia, 1989
David Quiroga
Colombia, 1984

Mazenett Quiroga, Semillas de estrellas, 2015, 7 botanical species, lost-wax in bronze with 24 carat gold leaf, Variable dimensions, Courtesy: The artists and Instituto de Visión

Instituto de Visión* is a space for research, experimentation and exchange between local and international artists, markets, and cultural agents. Our program is focused on conceptual practices that propose micro-revolutions, original perspectives and personal ecosystems inserted into a specific context. The poetics that inspire us originate in interchange, tropicality, decoding, cotidianity, archives and historic revision.


Trough the program Visionarios, Instituto de Vision aims at revisiting the history of Colombian art to give a deserved position to artists who remained, despite their challenging and committed posture, alienated from the academic/official recount of our Art History.


Instituto de Vision presents a program of public art that will go beyond the walls of our gallery to bring artistic proposals to urban spaces not typically considered as artistic settings.


*Named after the work Instituto de Visión (2008) by artist Nicolás Consuegra.


David Quiroga
Lina Mazenett


Marlon De Azambuja
Abel Rodríguez
Fernell Franco
Karen Lamassonne
Luis Ernesto Arocha
María Evelia Marmolejo
Miguel Ángel Cárdenas
Ofelia Rodríguez
Sandra Llano- Mejía
Sara Modiano
Manuela Viera-Gallo
Ana María Millán
Alberto Baraya
Carmen Argote
Carolina Caycedo
Felipe Arturo
Karlo Andrei Ibarra
Ana Roldán
Karlo Andrei Ibarra
Sebastián Fierro


Beatriz Lopez, Director
Karen Abreu, Director
Omayra Alvardo, Director

Bogotá, Colombia
Carrera 23 # 76-74,
Barrio San Felipe
T: +57 1 3226703