Inda Gallery

booth A10
Budapest, Hungary

Róza El-Hassan, The Architecture of Compassion, 2015, Adobe bricks, crystals, wood, 75x135x29cm, Courtesy of the Artist and Inda Gallery

Inda Gallery was established to represent contemporary artists whose career began in the late 1980s and early 1990s, shortly before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Contemporaries of the Young British Artists, Róza El-Hassan, Balázs Kicsiny, Marianne Csáky and Ilona Lovas soon became representative members of the great generation of the 1990 and 2000s. In addition, Inda has been increasingly striving to embrace young talents from the Hungarian and international art scene over the past few years.


Matthias van Arkel
András Bernát
Ágnes Eperjesi
Róza El-Hassan
Philip Pocock


Kim Corbusier
Marianne Csáky
Lajos Csontó
Márta Czene
Zsófia Fáskerti
Judit Fischer
Agnieszka Grodzinska
György Jovián
Balázs Kicsiny

Endre Koronczi
Judit Navratil
András Ravasz
Péter Somody
Kamen Stoyanov
Ádám Szabó
Lilla Szász
Zsófia Szemző


Zsolt Kozma, Director
Daniel Ongjerth, Director
Agnes Taller, Director

Kiraly utca 34. II. 4.
Budapest, Hungary
T: +36703164472