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Grosvenor Gallery

London, UK

Rasheed Araeen, Bismillah 2 B, 2022, Painting, 152 x 140 cm

Courtesy: The Artist and Grosvenor Gallery

Grosvenor Gallery specialises in Indian and Pakistani Modernist artists of the period 1947 to the present. The gallery was founded in 1960 by the American Eric Estorick, who dealt primarily in Russian Constructivism and Italian Futurism.


Since 2000, the current Directors and owners Conor Macklin and Charles Moore have focused on the Indian and Pakistani Modernists, primarily F.N. Souza (1924-2002) whose estate is represented by the gallery, M.F. Husain (1913-2011), and S.H. Raza (1922-2016) with whom we have extensively collaborated and exhibited, as well Pakistani artists Syed Sadequain (1930-1987) and A.R. Chughtai (1897-1975). We also exhibit one of the few living artists of this generation Krishen Khanna (b.1925), and have a Contemporary programme, exhibiting young artists from South Asia and some more established such as Rasheed Araeen (b.1935).


The gallery works closely with all the major collectors of the region, as well as the curators and museums with an interest in the field. 2020 marked 60 years of trading for the gallery and 20 years of focus on Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art.


Rasheed Araeen, born in 1935, Pakistan
Mohammad Ali Talpur, born in 1976, Pakistan
Zarah Hussain, born in 1980, UK


Francis Newton Souza
Sayed Haider Raza
Maqbool Fida Husain
Syed Sadeqauin
Rasheed Araeen
Olivia Fraser
Dhruva Mistry
Senaka Senanayake
Krishen Khanna
Faiza Butt
Lancelot Ribeiro
Zarah Hussain
Imran Mir
Anwar Saeed


Conor Macklin, Director
Charles Moore, Director
Kajoli Khanna, Director

London, UK
35 Bury Street