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Galleria Franco Noero

Turin, Italy

Anna Boghiguian, Untitled, 2023, iron, wax, papier-mâché, dimensions variable

Courtesy: The Artist and Galleria Franco Noero

Founded in 1999 in Torino, from the very beginning the gallery has distinguished itself for the courageous and significant exhibition projects produced with its artists, crossing all artistic languages with a particular attention devoted to conceptual practices and the radical nature of research. Over the years, the program has maintained a constant evolution and growth, accompanied by migration to 8 different spaces in the city which – responding from time to time to different architectural and design needs – left the artists free to create for each new project a different place.
Since 2013 the center of its activities has been the area of Via Mottalciata 10/B, in the northern side of Turin, a flexible and generous space that is completed in September 2020 with an open-air area of 1,000 square meters, a garden just a few steps away.
Alongside the organisation of exhibitions in its spaces and the participation in major international fairs, the gallery collaborates with the most important Italian and international institutions, promoting the publication of books, supporting and contributing to the production of works and projects of its own artists.


Anna Boghiguian, born in 1946, Egypt
Jason Dodge, born in 1969, USA
Sam Falls, born in 1984, USA
Mario García Torres, born in 1975, Mexico
Mark Handforth, born in 1969, Hong Kong
Gabriel Kuri, born in 1984, Mexico
Eric Nathaniel Mack, born in 1987, USA


Darren Bader
Lothar Baumgarten
Pablo Bronstein
Tom Burr
Neil Campbell
Andrew Dadson
Jason Dodge
Sam Falls
Lara Favaretto
Martino Gamper
Mario García Torres
Henrik Håkansson
Mark Handforth
Arturo Herrera
Gabriel Kuri
Phillip Lai
Jac Leirner

Jim Lambie
Robert Mapplethorpe
Paulo Nazareth
Mike Nelson
Henrik Olesen
Simon Starling
Francesco Vezzoli
Gabriel Sierra
Costa Vece
Jeff Burton
Anna Boghiguian
Dara Friedman
Eric Nathaniel Mack
Costa Vece
Hassan Sharif


Franco Noero, Owner /Founder
Pierpaolo Falone, Owner
Stefano De Gregori, Director

Torino, Italy
Via Mottalciata 10/B,