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KOLKATA / Mumbai, India

Rathin Barman, Unsettled Structure VII, Brass and charcoal on concrete, 125.1 x 163.2 x 16.5 cm, 2023

Courtesy: The artist & Experimenter

Experimenter was co-founded by Prateek & Priyanka Raja in 2009 in Kolkata, India. With a multidisciplinary approach, the gallery is an incubator for an ambitious and challenging contemporary practice. The program represents some of the most critical contemporary artists worldwide. The program, rooted in dialogue and dissent, is considered to be a ‘pace-setter’ for its region, and extends from exhibition-making to knowledge creation, through regular talks,performances, workshops and through its much acclaimed, annual curatorial intensive – Experimenter Curators’ Hub. A second, more ambitious space was added in 2018, marking a deeper inquisition into the gallery’s realm of interest. Its third space Experimenter – Colaba, established in 2022, marks the commitment of its discursive programming to Mumbai, a city that in turn represents the diverse pluralities of the region.


The gallery attempts to expand the scope of contemporary practice beyond the ambit of its expected role. In 2016, its artist-book publishing wing was launched followed by the Experimenter Learning Program in 2018 which enables learning in fields of contemporary and performing arts, curatorship, film, writing,language and social culture. In 2019, Experimenter Outpost, an iterative exhibitions program outside the physical gallery temporarily inhabiting disused,characterful spaces was formed. 2020 marked the beginning of Experimenter Labs, an inclusive, experimental and multi- dimensional online platform in addition to the onsite gallery programming.


Rathin Barman, born in 1981, India
Aziz Hazara, born in 1992, Afghanistan
Sohrab Hura, born in 1981, India
Radhika Khimji, born in 1979, Oman
Sahil Naik, born in 1991, India
Prabhakar Pachpute, born in 1986, India
Julien Segard, born in 1980, France
Praneet Soi, born in 1971, India
Ayesha Sultana
, born in 1984, Bangladesh
Parul Thacker, born in 1973, India


Adip Dutta
Ayesha Sultana
Bani Abidi
Julien Segard
Kanishka Raja
Krishna Reddy
Mehreen Murtaza
Moyra Davey
Naeem Mohaiemen
Prabhakar Pachpute
Praneet Soi
Rathin Barman
Raqs Media Collective

Sahil Naik
Samson Young
Sanchayan Ghosh
Sohrab Hura
Soumya Sankar Bose
Biraaj Dodiya
Sakshi Gupta
Aziz Hazara
Radhika Khimji
Bhasha Chakrabarti
Alexandra Bachzetsis
Afrah Shafiq
Kallol Datta
Vinoja Tharmalingam


Prateek Raja, Director
Priyanka Raja, Director

Kolkata, West Bengal
Ballygunge Place
45 Ballygunge Place

Mumbai, India
Colaba, First Floor, Sunny House
16/18 Merewether Road

Kotkata, West Bengal
Hindusthan Road
2/1, Hindusthan Rd