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Galeria Espacio Continuo


Miler Lagos Los anillos de siempre, 2022, Work on Paper. 120 x 120 cm

Courtesy: Miler Lagos Atelier

In 2020 Espacio Continuo opened its doors with an exclusive program of local artists, they have meeting points in a historical, poetic, and critical review of the territory. During the last year and a half we have focused on presenting the individual projects of the artists represented with the interest of giving visibility to the proposals and concerns of each of them. At the same time, we have promoted the work of emerging artists through the project “La Vitrina” (The Showcase), which seeks to promote new voices and practices. During this time the gallery has had the opportunity to participate in various local and international fairs.


We represent the work of diverse artists that have marked multiple events of contemporary art in Colombia. With solid research on current social and political issues, the projects shown in the gallery configure images that confront the viewer with the complexity of the present. Topics such as landscape (its splendor and its ruin), the phenomenon of violence and its transformation, the return to the ancestral to think about our time, human intimacy as a core element to understand the meaning of the social construction of memory and the disaster caused by capitalism, are among the proposals the gallery aims to give visibility in a local and international platform.


Miler Lagos, born in 1973, Colombia
Ana María Rueda, born in 1954, Colombia


Clemencia Echeverri
María Elvira Escallón
Miler Lagos
Juliana Góngora
Adriana Salazar
Ana María Rueda
Eduard Moerno
Juan David Laserna
Lina Puerta
Linda Pongutá
Mario Opazo