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Stephan Breuer, Pure Mind (VR/Video Game) 2024

Courtesy: The Artist and espace

espace digital: envisioning the future

espace is a visionary art company that manages, represents, and collaborates with artists who are dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities between time, light and space. With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all dimensions — conscious and subconscious, earthly and universal — espace represents innovative artists who create and produce not only incredible artworks but also groundbreaking experiences that open up the mind to the boundless potential within the realms of art and the future.
Through its unique approach, espace seeks to transcend traditional boundaries and push the limits of artistic expression, inviting viewers to challenge their perceptions and embark on a journey of innovation and discovery. With a focus on fostering creativity, collaboration, and exploration, espace is dedicated to inspiring a new era of artistic innovation and appreciation.

espace is a dynamic gallery headquartered in Dubai which is home to an incredible evolving cultural and artistic scene in the UAE. espace encourages and supports artists to explore and exhibit in the middle east and the diaspora.
espace creates and produces artworks for public and private spaces, often site specific works to brief, commissions with architects, designers, cultural institutions, foundations and museums. espace advises collectors, builds and curates collections.


Stephan Breuer, born 1975, France
Marjan Moghaddam, born in 1961, Iran


Caroline Spinks, Owner

espace art consulting llc – dubai
espace art consulting sa – geneva

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