ERTI Gallery

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Tbilisi, Georgia

Tato Akhalkatsishvili, The Velvet Sun 03, 2018, Oil, acrylic, canvas, 150×200 cm
Courtesy of the artist and ERTI Gallery

ERTI Gallery was founded in 2015 with the goal to promote the development of the art market in the country, to create new opportunities for artist’s self-expression and to establish a platform for developing contemporary art in Georgia. In just a couple of years, ERTI has managed to organize high profile shows by inviting international curators and cooperating with international art institutions. Art Fairs are another instrument through which the gallery is implementing the policy of popularization of Georgian contemporary art. As a result, the gallery’s artist’s works are getting international recognition and have become parts of international collections, and more and more representatives of world’s art society support contemporary art from Georgia.


Tato Akhalkatsishvili
Luca Lazar


Tato Akhalkatsishvili
Uta Bekaia
Daro Sulakauri
Giorgi Chkheidze
Tamara Kvesitadze
Luca Lazar
Levan Mindiashvili
Nina Pery
Andro Semeiko
Levan Songulashvili


Tamuna Arshba, Director

Tbilisi, Georgia
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