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Dastan Gallery

Tehran, Iran


Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam, Untitled From “Sand Composition” Series, 2016
, Sand and colour on canvas
, 250 x 150 cm
 (98 1/2 x 59 in)
Courtesy of the Artist and Dastan Gallery

Dastan’s Basement proposes a group presentation of works that seeks to present ‘Diversity’ into the works of a number
of contemporary Iranian artists which, with their individual styles, they explore different paths of contemporary Iranian art in their wake.
A fair face of the Iranian culture calls for the representation of its various facets and nuances for this diverse pool of interacting differences plays a central role in the Iranian identity. Along with the current diversity of the Iranian identity its history is still present through the fragments that have survived the ages. From the Persian empire and the archeological remnants to the modern and post revolution Iran various references reside together in one cultural ecosystem of which reflections can be seen around the Iranian art scene. Iran does not have one “art” or one “culture”. There exists within them a multitude of behaviors and beliefs, old and new and sometimes prone to paradoxes and contradictions they shape what is mirrored in the Iranian arts today.

Dastan has addressed this peculiar diversity as it is manifested in the artistic production and creativity of contemporary Iran and aims to present this spectrum at the 2023 edition of Art Dubai.


Reza Abedini, born in 1967, Iran
Hadi Alijani, born in 1987, Iran
Kiarash Alimi, born in 1985, Iran
Fereydoun Ave, born in 1945, Iran
Andisheh Avini, born in 1974, Iran/United States
Seroj Barseghian, born in 1953, Iran
Yousha Bashir, born in 1989, Iran
Ali Beheshti, born in 1988, Iran
Kimia Dehghan, born in 1998, Iran
Homa Delvaray, born in 1980, Iran
Mohammad Hossein Emad, born in 1957, Iran
Niki Fallahfar, born in 1999, Iran
Bita Fayyazi, born in 1962, Iran
Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh, born in 1986, Iran
Sahand Hesamiyan, born in 1977, Iran
Alborz Kazemi, born in 1989, Iran
Farrokh Mahdavi, born in 1970, Iran
Nasrin Maleksabet, born in 1979, Iran
Mehran Mohajer, born in 1964, Iran
Bahman Mohammadi, born in 1985, Iran
Ardeshir Mohassess, born in 1938, Iran
Mehrdad Mohebali, born in 1960, Iran
Amin Montazeri, born in 1992, Iran
Bahareh Navabi, born in 1985, Iran
Farah Ossouli, born in 1953, Iran
Asal Peirovi, born in 1985, Iran
Mohammad Piryaee, born in 1985, Iran
Shayan Sajadian, born in 1995, Iran
Kolsum Salehi, born in 1988, Iran
Melika Shafahi, born in 1984, Iran
Mamali Shafahi, born in 1982, Iran
Sina Shiri, born in 1991, Iran
Koorosh Shishegaran, born in 1945, Iran
Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam, born in 1924, Iran
Aydin Xankeshipour, born in 1981, Iran
Mohammad Hossein Maher, born in 1957, Iran
Ali Akbar Sadeghi, born in 1937, Iran
Reza Aramesh, born in 1970, Iran


Sadra Baniasadi
Ali Beheshti
Kiarash Alimi
Sinab Choopani
Nariman Farrokhi
Mirmohammad Fattahi
Sina Ghadaksaz
Amir Kamand
Alborz Kazemi
Bahman Kiarostami
Mehran  Mohajer
Ardeshir Mohassess
Milad Mousavi
Yasaman Nozari
Peybak Limited
Iman Raad
Yashar Salahi
Ojan Zargarbashi
Bahareh Navabi
Aidin Xankeshipour


Hormoz Hematian, Director

Tehran, Iran
No.6 Beedar St, Fereshteh St.
T: +98 21 2202 3114