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Vienna, Austria

Gerd Hasler, Pasterze I, 2010, C-Print, framed (Editions 5 + 2AP), 150 x 187 cm, Courtesy of bäckerstrasse4 and Gerd Hasler

bäckerstrasse4 was founded by Gabriele Schober in 2008 as an open platform for contemporary art . The mission was to offer artists who recently graduated from Austrian, as well as international art academies, the possibility to present their works within an international framework of exhibitions.
Since 2008, bäckerstrasse4 has established itself as an exhibition space for the young international generation. The aim is to create a sustainable basis for the artists’ career by establishing international projects, exhibitions and a broad network to international curators, institutions, and galleries. The gallery promotes artists at the beginning of their careers on a national and international level; works of bäckerstrasse4’s artists can be found in renowned collections, such as the Belvedere, Albertina, Fondation Guerlain, Lentos Museum, and several international collections. Furthermore bäckerstrasse4 initiated various projects, such as public art projects, collaborations with corporations, and an artist-in-residence programme.


Gerd Hasler
Henk Stallinga
Borjana Ventzislavova


Dave Bopp
Norbert Brunner
Benjamin Eichhorn
Gernot Fischer-Kondratovitch
Gianfranco Foschino
Gerhard Fresacher
Thomas Gänszler
Marianne Lang
Matthias Lautner
Kevin Simón Mancera
Andrea Medjesi-Jones
Sissa Micheli
Gerald Moser
Olaf Osten
Luis Casanova Sorolla
Nina Rike Springer
Elisabeth Wedenig


Gabriele Schober, Director

Vienna, Austria
Bäckerstrasse 4
T: +436 765 551 777