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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ayman Zedani, Non-human Assembly, Work in progress, Bio fabricvarious size,
Courtesy of ATHR and the artist

Founded by Hamza Serafi & Mohammed Hafiz, ATHR is a contemporary project space and gallery. Since 2009, ATHR has enabled an artistic dialogue between contemporary artists across the world. Based in a 20,000 square feet/metric space in central Jeddah, ATHR represents Middle Eastern and international artists. ATHR showcases an exhibition schedule of international and Saudi contemporary art, supported by extensive public programs aimed at encouraging engagement with local audiences. ATHR is currently developing a cultural exchange scheme with international artists and curators as part of its commitment to promoting a cultural dialogue between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.


Ahmed Mater
Aya Haidar
Ayman Zedani
Ayman Yossri
Dana Awartani
Reem Al-Nasser
Sultan Bin Fahad
Zahra Al-Ghamdi
Mohammed Monaiseer


Ahmed Mater
Sara Abdu
Sarah Abuabdalla
Ahmad Angawi
Dana Awartani
Farah Behbahani
Ayman Yossri
Basma Felemban
Aya Haidar
Reem Al Nasser
Moath Alofi Abdulla
Al Othman
Abdulkarim Kassem
Ghada Al Rabea
Dania Al Saleh
Nasser Al Salem
Muhannad Shono
Ayman Zedani
Saddek Wasil


Hamza Serafi, Director

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
5th Floor, Office Towers, Serafi Mega Mall
PO Box 279
T: +966 (12) 284 5009