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Campus Art Dubai (CAD) is a school for artists, curators, writers, architects, designers and cultural producers based in the UAE. Meetings occur over weekends and feature courses, talks, workshops, taught and led by a local and international cast of academics, critics, curators and artists. The course provides a space for critical thinking and the exchange of ideas and skills, with participants encouraged to collaborate, debate and challenge.

Campus Art Dubai’s first iteration culminated in a series of exhibitions across Dubai and Sharjah, curated by and featuring participants in Campus Art Dubai.


Lujain Abulfaraj

Shaqayeq Arabi

Ammar Al Attar

Bilal Aquil

Farah Albastaki

Cecile Bertevas

Martin Budny

Khawla Darwish

Vikram Divecha

Anabelle de Gersigny

Ignacio Gomez

Sara Al Haddad

Fatima Zahra Hassan

Wael Hattar

Shannon Ayers Holden

Dina Ibrahim

Rania Jishi

Adnan X Khan

Alia Hussain Lootah

Blanca Lopez

Meitha Al Mazrooei

Shaikha Almazrou

Gabriella Moore

Atheer Al Mulla

Farah Al Qasimi

Alia Al Sabi

Dana Alsadek

Munira Al Sayegh

Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi

Walid Al Wawi

Barrak Alzaid



Abbas Akhavan
Tarek Atoui
Shumon Basar
Umer Butt
Aaron Cezar
Mary Evans
Isabella Ellaheh Hughe
Amanda Abi Khalil
H.G. Masters
Salwa Mikdadi
Mona El-Mousfy
Hetal Pawani
Hoor Al-Qasimi
Sunny Rahbar
Murtaza Vali
Tirdad Zolghadr



Barrak Alzaid
Harriet Balloch
Rami Farook
Robert Kluijver
Riyas Komu
Daniel McClean
Mandy Merzaban
Yousef Moscatello
Alfredo Duncel Rubio
Bérénice Saliou
Jonas Staa


As part of the Campus Art Dubai programme, we ran monthly Sunday-evening seminars, which were free and open to all. The seminars and debates were held at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai. Campus Art Dubai is held in collaboration with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

Sunday June 23, 2013

Campus Art Dubai: FILMSCHOOL
Herb & Dorothy
A documentary by Megumi Sasaki

This month’s session introduces FILMSCHOOL, a programme of curated screenings celebrating experimental and avant-garde practices in art and film history, and includes the Middle East premiere of Herb & Dorothy. FILMSCHOOL is part of Campus Art Dubai and is free and open to the public.

In the early 1960s, Herb & Dorothy Vogel, a postal worker and librarian, began purchasing the works of unknown Minimalist and Conceptual artists, guided by two rules: the piece had to be affordable, and it had to be small enough to fit in their one-bedroom Manhattan apartment. They proved themselves curatorial visionaries; most of those they supported and befriended went on to become world-renowned artists. Herb & Dorothy provides a unique chronicle of the world of contemporary art from two unlikely collectors, whose shared passion and discipline defies stereotypes and redefines what it means to be a patron of the arts.

Herb & Dorothy
2008, 89 minutes

Sunday June 2, 2013

Artist Talk: Kurt Hentschläger

Chicago-based Austrian artist Kurt Hentschläger creates audiovisual performances and installations. The immersive nature of his work reflects on the metaphor of the sublime and the human condition. His current work further researches human perception and the impact of new technologies on both individual and collective consciousness. Between 1992 and 2003 he worked collaboratively as one half of “Granular-Synthesis”. Speaking in the UAE for the first time, Hentschläger presents his extraordinary body of sound and installation-based work.

Sunday April 28, 2013

Art and the Law: Legislation That Impacts Artists, Curators, and Gallerists in the UAE

Leading art lawyer Daniel McClean discusses legislation surrounding commissions, acquisitions, and copyright, followed by locally based lawyer Harriet Balloch on how legislation related to art is being formed in the UAE today.

Moderated by Art Dubai fair director, Antonia Carver.

Sunday February 17, 2013

The C Word (Curator)

Writer Tirdad Zolghadr, currently based at Bard College, New York, and a visiting tutor at Campus Art Dubai, (re)defined the role of the curator, followed by a debate with Shumon Basar and HG Masters. Shumon and HG are also, respectively, Commissioner and Director of Global Art Forum_7 (held in Doha and Dubai, March 17-23, 2013), and this talk also introduced “definitionism”, the theme of Global Art Forum_7.

Sunday January 27, 2013

Kochi-Muziris Biennale: Reflections on the Making of India’s First Biennale

The Kochi-Muziris Biennale continues until March 13. This was an opportunity to listen to and debate with key people involved in the production of a ground-breaking exhibition involving over 80 artists in the port sister-city (to Dubai) of Kochi and neighboring history-laden island of Muziris.

The talk features the major exhibition’s lead co-curator Riyas Komu, advisors Robert Kluijver and Rami Farook, and artist UBIK.