Tirdad Zolghadr writes: In keeping with previous editions of the Forum Fellows, the 2015 edition of the fellowship program is plotted along two axes. The first is a series of discussions addressing the topic of new technologies, to which the 2015 Global Art Forum is devoted. The fellows will be engaging with invited speakers from the fair and beyond to explore the online developments that are increasingly marking criticism, curatorial prose and art journalism. Particular attention will be paid to the tension between timeliness and rigor; between keeping up with the present while acknowledging a complicated past. 

The second axis was an intensive writing workshop, for which the participants presented and critiqued each other’s work on a daily basis. Sheltered from any imperative to publish, the workshop sought to encourage formal precision and stylistic singularity, with an emphasis on the fast-paced reception of texts amid shifting circumstances.


Following a nomination and jury process, the Fellows selected for the 2015 programme were:

Rahel Aima

Liane Al Ghusain

Mirene Arsanios

Kareem Estefan

Yara Saqfalhait

Stefan Tarnowski


In 2015, Forum Fellows focused on writing and was led by writer and curator Tirdad Zolghadr.