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A.i.R DUBAI 2016

Art Dubai partnered with Delfina Foundation, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and Tashkeel to run Artists-in-Residence (A.i.R) Dubai, an annual residency programme for international and UAE-based artists and curators. A.i.R Dubai supported artists by providing a platform to develop their practice and create new work, while facilitating exchange between the artists, the local communities, and the broader cultural landscape. Through the course of the programme, artists were commissioned to produce site-specific works for Art Dubai Projects, and take part in a series of artists’ talks, workshops, Open Studios, and other outreach and community programmes at Tashkeel, in Al Fahidi and in the city at large.

UAE-based and international artists who took part in A.i.R. Dubai 2016 included:

Areej Kaoud
Moza Almatrooshi
Lydia Ourahmane

The four selected artists spent two months in-residence in Dubai, from January to March 2016, working with Art Dubai Projects Curator Yasmina Reggad. 


Areej Kaoud, The Artist Hard at Work

Areej Kaoud, The Artist Hard at Work, Performance (during residency at Tashkeel) and Brigade D’Urgence (Emergency Brigade), Performance (during Art Dubai)

Areej Kaoud’s work exploreed how the body, insignificant gestures and absurd repetitive movements can trigger narratives.

Her project The Artist Hard at Work engaged with notions of repetition, body memory, private and public space as well as labour. Areej spent over two months watching TV workout videos on YouTube, followed by daily routines. Visitors entering her studio were transported into a domestic space to watch her perform these workout videos in front of TV programmes.

Kaoud’s second project looked at potential emergency provisions designed for the site of the fair, Madinat Jumeirah, which caused visitors to question their safety and secure spaces. Areej developed a work that challenged our notions of security in a public venue. Her performance triggered narratives that speculate on one’s individual perceptions of a safe space and safety measures.