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Comptoir des Mines Galerie

Marrakech, Morocco
Mohamed Kacimi
Morocco, 1942 – 2003

Hall 2
Booth M2

Mohammed Kacimi, Composition, non datée, Painting, 60 x 80 cm
Courtesy of Comptoir des Mines Galerie

The Comptoir des Mines Galerie is a contemporary art space born in 2016 in Marrakech.

As part of the architectural heritage of the city, the building of the Comptoir des Mines was built in 1932, and has been completely renovated to accommodate in its various apartments exhibitions, art projects, as well as artists residencies and workshops. It has the particularity to be a hybrid space, between a museum and an art gallery, and allows to live an extraordinary artistic experience.

The Comptoir des Mines Galerie fits in its owns way in a great dynamic of support of the talents in the service of the enrichment of the artistic production, whether intellectual or technical, and thus to realize exhibitions and artistic projects of reference to mark a new history of art in Morocco.


Mohammed Kacimi


Mohamed Arejdal
Mustapha Akrim
Mariam Abouzid Souali
Khalil Nemmaoui
Mohammed Kacimi


Hicham Daoudi, Owner

Marrakech, Morocco
62 rue Yougoslavie, Guéliz