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Khartoum, Sudan
Omar Kheiry
Sudan, 1939 – 1999

Hall 2
Booth M18

Omer Khairy
Courtesy of DABANGA

The first volume of “Art in Times of Adversity” was little more than a peep through the keyhole of a very broad range of “Contemporary Artists of The Sudan”.


There are many new, up and coming young Artists, with great talent and potential, whose work has not been tabled and, all too often remain unknown.
In due course, the second volume, to be entitled “The Pioneers” will be published as a sequel to “Contemporary Artists of The Sudan”
Putting that volume together, gathering accurate information no finding the broad range of original works to photograph, has been very challenging.
It is felt that in the meantime, we should address the growing interest, both at home and abroad, by establishing a website which can be updated at regular
intervals, allowing those who are interested to follow the ‘Sudanese Art Scene.’ This too, is not going to be easy, if previous experience is anything to go by.


As a start, the website will have 26 Sudanese Artists, this will be updated at regular intervals, until we have reached eighty artists.


Omer Khairy


Lina Haggar, Director