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Campus Art Dubai (CAD) is a core part of Art Dubai’s extensive year-round programming which provides artists and members of the creative community with educational and professional opportunities. CAD was the first programme of its kind in the region and has continuously developed and reinvented itself over its past nine iterations.

Dubai Culture & Arts Authority is the Strategic Partner of Campus Art Dubai.

First established in 2012, CAD has acted as a school for artists, curators, writers, architects, designers and cultural producers based in the UAE. It has grown over its past 9 iterations developing into an all-encompassing educational programme to also include aspiring art professionals, wanting to either change fields or start professional work in the creative industries.


For artists, each year a special curriculum is designed around a pertinent theme and CAD participants explore the significance of local knowledge with individuals and institutions in the region through course material and a series of seminars, lectures, workshops and off-site visits. Sessions are led by academics, critics, curators and artists.


For professionals, a bespoke programme is designed to give a 360 degree understanding of the art world through work experience, a series of seminars, tours, and professional networking opportunities.

CAD 10.0 by Dubai Public Art

CAD 10.0 x Dubai Public Art is an expansive programme raising the awareness and capacity of the city’s creative talent; enabling both artists and industry leaders to develop successful public art initiatives.

CAD x Dubai Public Art is designed for a select group of UAE-based artists looking to further their understanding and gain experience in the field of public art. It features seminars and workshops – providing practitioners with expert guidance from art-world professionals on developing their practice and artistry in relation to public art commissioning.

To read more information about this programme please visit the page below.


CAD 10.0 Professional Development

The CAD 10.0 Professional Development strand comprised of an educational programme for aspiring art professionals, providing work experience, alongside a comprehensive educational curriculum, allowing its participants to gain first-hand exposure to the main departments of the fair: VIP relations, gallery relations, operations, communications and programming.

The programme consisted of 3 months exposure at Art Dubai, which included masterclass style professional development workshops, bespoke tours of local arts institutions, and work experience at Art Dubai. Participants then were matched with a leading local arts institution to partake in a 2-month placement programme. Participants had one-to-one sessions and opportunities for mentorship and professional guidance throughout the programme.

Programme supporters of CAD 10.0 Professional Development are: Art Jameel, Alserkal Avenue, and 421

Applications are now closed, to read more information on the programme, please visit the page below.



Together over 125 practitioners have participated in CAD since its inception in 2012. The tight-knit alumni group have been able to leverage their network to develop their practice and place themselves in the local art scene and continue to support one another across various platforms and community engagement projects. Many CAD participants have gone on to be affiliated with celebrated regional and international platforms including Vikram DivechaFarah Al QasimiKarim Sultan and Munira Al Sayegh.