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Saradipour Art Gallery

Los Angeles, California

Moslem Khezri
Iran, 1984

Moslem Khezri, We Keep Reviewing 272019, Oil on Canvas,  80 x 160 cm
Courtesy of Saradipour Art Gallery


SARADIPOUR Art Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery dedicated first and foremost to introducing Iranian visual arts. Founded by Hassan Saradipour, our gallery serves as a platform to showcase both emerging and established artists internationally by organizing exhibitions, participating in art fairs world-wide, developing joint art projects and publishing bodies of works by various artists.


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Abas Nasle Shamelo


Moslem Khezri’s (b. 1984, Iran) rather restrained color palette in his representational paintings and monotone drawings of scenes of school students within the familiar architecture of classrooms and courtyards evoke childhood memories, nostalgia and, on a broader level, point to the inherent power structure governing different stages and aspects of our social existence.
The figures seem to populate the scene like actors both in groups and as individuals, mostly viewed from a distance, while the artist chooses to offer a more intimate portrait of certain characters here and there. The principal role, however, is played by light; natural light from the sky or coming in through the windows that defines spaces and brings volume and expression to the figures.


Hassan Saradipour, Owner

Los Angeles, California
22541 Puntal lana