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Mohsen Gallery

Tehran, Iran

Amir-Hossein Zanjani, Rusted, 2020, Installation, Painting, Overall Size: 100 x 360 cm

Courtesy: Mohsen Gallery

Mohsen Gallery was established in January 2010 with the aim of presenting the prevailing current of the contemporary art by taking on an interdisciplinary approach. Holding consistent solo and group exhibitions, panel discussions, and talks, participating in art fairs and publishing visual art magazines and biquartely magazines covering the gallery’s events and exhibitions, the gallery attempts to interrelate with wide audience and be effectively involved in international visual art scene in addition to patronizing the artists and constantly interacting with the curators, critics, and collectors. Apart from the main exhibition hall, Mohsen Projects, consisting of three spaces of “Pasio,” “Hayat,” and “Bam,” offer the opportunity to the artists for executing more experimental and interdisciplinary projects.


Majid Biglari
Amir-Hossein Zanjani


Sara Abbasian
Majid Biglari
Mehrdad Afsari
Azadeh Akhlaghi
Amir-Nasr Kamgooyan
Amirhossein Bayani
Gohar Dashti
Alireza Fani
Amir Mobed
Seyed Mohamad Mosavat
Ali Phi
Behrang Samadzadegan
Arya Tabandehpoor
Amir-Hossein Zanjani
Mahmoud Bakhshi
Sasan Abri
Zahra Ghyasi
Samira Hodaei
Amir-Nasr Kamgooyan


Ehsan Rasoulof, Director

Tehran, Iran
Mina Blvd, Nurbakhsh St
Farzan St, Naji Alley
East Zafar Avenue
North Modarres Exp Way
T: +98 21 222 55354