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Loft Art Gallery

Casablanca, Morocco

Hicham Benohoud, La Salle de Classe, 1994-2000, Photography
Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery

In 2009, Myriem, 28, and Yasmine, 25, founded Loft Art Gallery to develop the art scene in Morocco. Today, their original approach has turned them into
Moroccan modern and contemporary art leaders: their numerous exhibitions would probably not have had the same impact without the extensive studies they have conducted on the founding principles of the Moroccan modern art period in the 60s. And by doing so, they have enabled the audience to put words on impactful images and helped spread the ideals of the country’s artistic precursors: Farid Belkahia, Mohamed Chebaa, Mohamed Melehi, Mohammed Hamidi…

The Moroccan art scene is expanding – ample evidence of this is the recent infatuation for the Arab World Institute exhibition on Moroccan contemporary art where Loft gallery’s artist Mohamed Melehi was presented as a modern art pioneer alongside Farid Belkahia, another founder of the movement. Morocco and the region are promising lands for women like Myriem and Yasmine to ensure their gallery’s perennial development. Galleries such as theirs are to be considered as powerful cultural vehicles able to play a major role in the Arab World cultural acceptance and recognition both locally and globally


Hicham Benohoud
Mohamed Melehi
Mohamed Lekleti


Amina Agueznay
Nicolas Henry
Evans Mbugua
Saidou Dicko
Siwa Mgoboza
Hicham Benohoud
Joana Choumali
Mohamed Melehi
Stella & Claudel 
Mohamed Lekleti
Mohammed Hamidi
Moa Bennani
Farid Belkahia
Kim Bennani
Amina Rezki
Mohamed Chebaa
Hassan Echair
Fatna Gbouri
Ahmed Jaride
Abdelkrim Ouazzani


Yasmine Berrada, Director

Casablanca, Morocco
13, Rue Al Kaïssi, Triangle d’or,