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Art Dubai 2023 in the Press

Art Dubai is the leading voice of the region’s cultural scene, offering an international platform to its artistic community. The 16th edition of the fair was covered in over 1500 articles be media from 50 countries – find highlight coverage below:

“Art Dubai spotlights the Global South in a way that no other fair does”

“Perfect match: Art Dubai meets high-tech and heritage” 

We grow, by helping others… is the essence of the fair”

“It was the art fair’s biggest and most global edition yet, signaling the sprawling Gulf metropolis, known for its glistening ever expanding skyrises, as one of the world’s next major capitals for art and culture.”

“Dubai is not a “mini Art Basel” … The value, the meaning of this unique fair is different: since 2007, Art Dubai has developed into the platform of the Global South, into the showcase and laboratory for art from the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and the Menasa region… Those who come here make surprising, sometimes delightful discoveries. Art Dubai is therefore also a constantly changing mirror of the Middle East, because its face changes almost every day.”

“West Asia’s most significant art fair… {Art Dubai} is the “bawwaba” – or gateway – the industry needs.”

“The plus of Art Dubai: It does not repeat the eternally same image of fairs like “Frieze” or “Art Basel”. The fair services both the “expats” in the city and caters to international visitors from all over the world.”

“{Dubai} is developing into an international marketplace for both classical and – above all – digital art.”

“Art Dubai comes into its own… While London and New York obsess over diversity, Dubai has no need to. It has long been gathering artists that the art world of the West might not know and in so doing shows that there is a point to art fairs that goes beyond mere commerce.”

“I’ve never seen a more broad-ranging selection of new media art… Dubai’s rapid rise… To a thriving cosmopolis has demonstrated a unique character. The city-state’s success has been predicated on strong, entrepreneurial leadership… {and} … public facilities and infrastructure.”

“With startups and foundations exhibiting alongside galleries, Art Dubai Digital proposes another model for the art fair, and myriad possibilities for digital art’s place in culture.”

“The art community in various parts of the Global South … often faces challenges that can result in a lack of infrastructure to support artistic development. Art Dubai has in recent years tapped into these regions, exposing such artists to galleries and collectors from the world over.”