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Commissioned by Julius Baer, artist James Clar presented a brand new installation at the 2022 edition of Art Dubai which focuses on the concept of ‘cloud seeding’, a form of weather modification prevalent in Dubai and something that locals and residents can identify with. The concept looks at nature and natural phenomena expressed via technology.


Having lived in Dubai for over 7 years, James was inspired by the cloud seeding mechanism where nature is modified using technology. He developed a software which will immerse visitors in a large-scale real time simulation of raindrops and fog, using custom technology to create a slowly morphing visual system that reflects our control of the environment.


James Clar was the first visual artist to showcase an artwork at the Julius Baer Lounge.


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About the Artist

James Clar is a light and media artist whose interest is in new technological production processes and their application to artistic narrative forms. He studied film at NYU and received his Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where he began developing his own light systems to create visual sculptural works that combine light and technology.


From 2006 till 2012 James’ studio was based in Dubai where he became an active participant in the arts and culture scene, working with Traffic gallery, Satellite studio, and Carbon 12. Between 2012 and 2020 he moved his studio back to New York, and in 2020 moved his studio back to his native Philippines.


Clar’s artworks have been included in exhibitions at Glucksman Museum (Dublin), New Museum of Contemporary Arts (New York), Pera Museum (Istanbul), Cam Francis Museum (Barcelona), MACBA (Barcelona), and SeMA (Seoul).