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Window Project

Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Moscow, RUSSIA

Alexey Dubinsky, Lucky Hunter, 2021, Mixed Media on Canvas, 210 x 450 (Triptych each part 210×150)

Courtesy of the artist and Window Project

Window Project is a contemporary gallery based in Tbilisi, Georgia showing works of Georgian and international artists.


The gallery mainly is focused to promote young Georgian artists as well as showing works of a “forgotten” older generation to contribute to the dialogue between the past and the present.


The first project – was launched in 2013 in an alternative exhibition space – at an empty window display of the Pantomime Theatre located on Rustaveli avenue to support local artists specializing in the art of the post-soviet regime period, mainly young artists together with internationally well-known names. The main purpose of the concept- gallery in the window display – was to make art public and available.In 2018 Window Project opened a new exhibition space where artists and curators are invited for various projects.


In October 2020 Window Project gallery opened its first pop-up space at the center of the contemporary art cube.moscow.


The gallery is focused on creating long term negotiations with artists, public and private institutions, and art lovers. Developing a strong, cognitive art community with common values and aspirations.


Luca Lazar
Alexey Dubinsky
Uta Bekaia


Luca Lazar
Alexey Dubinsky
Koka Ramishvili
Levan Chelidze
Giorgi Chkheidze
Levan Songulashvili
Rusudan Khizanishvili
Uta Bekaia
Andro Semeiko
Vakhtang Kokiashvili


Tamar Gvaberidze, Founder
Tamuna Arshba, Co-Owner

Tbilisi, GEORGIA
9 E. Tatishvili Street, 0179
T: +995 577 55 35 53

Moscow, Russia
Tverskaya 3, Cube Moscow