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Vadehra Art Gallery

New Delhi, India

Faiza Butt, Layla with dated technology at grand central station, 2023, Oil on Board, 61 x 76 cm


Courtesy: Vadehra Art Gallery and the artist

Representing a roster of artists across four generations, Vadehra Art Gallery was established in 1987 with a passion to pioneer Indian art as a conduit of cultural celebration, intellect and value in the public milieu. A confidante to art history and a paladin to contemporary art, the gallery supports a vibrant and flourishing ecosystem that at its center heroes the artist and their work.


Modern masters like M.F. Husain, Ram Kumar, S.H. Raza and Tyeb Mehta find prime spot in the gallery’s calendar alongside the subsequent generation of modernists like Arpita Singh, A. Ramachandran, Nalini Malani, Gulammohammed Sheikh and Rameshwar Broota. The gallery’s expansive contemporary programme includes some of the most exciting names in Indian art such as Atul Dodiya, Shilpa Gupta, Anju Dodiya, N.S. Harsha and Sunil Gupta, as well as young emerging talent like Sachin George Sebastian, Shrimanti Saha and Shailesh B.R.


Vadehra Art Gallery’s active and comprehensive programming takes the form of carefully curated and frequent exhibitions at two prominent locations in Delhi, alongside art events, engaging conversations and a growing digital platform, including virtual exhibitions and an online shop. With a maturing global presence, the gallery continues to present curated projects at prestigious art fairs across the world, including the Frieze fairs in London and New York, and Art Basel in Basel and Hong Kong, among others.


As a key artistic interlocutor to regional and international audiences, the gallery ventured into publishing in 1996, finding a crucial need for adequate documentation, critical writing, and quality reproduction of images in Indian art. Over the last two decades, the gallery has published several books and monographs in collaboration with major publishing houses like Penguin and Prestel, as well as hundreds of illustrated exhibition catalogues, in addition to contemporaneously producing literature on ongoing exhibitions and artist projects.


Faiza Butt, born in 1973, Pakistan
Praneet Soi
, born in 1971, India
Zaam Arif, born in 1999, Pakistan


Atul Bhalla
Rameshwar Broota
Atul Dodiya
Anju Dodiya
Vasudeo Gaitonde
Sunil Gupta
Shilpa Gupta
NS Harsha
MF Husain
Ranbir Kaleka
Ram Kumar
KM Madhusudhanan
Nalini Malani
Tyeb Mehta
Jagannath Panda
Sudhir Patwardhan






SH Raza
Gigi Scaria
Sachin George Sebastian
Gulammohammed Sheikh
Praneet Soi
Vivan Sundaram
Faiza Butt
Benodebehari Mukherjee
Shrimanti Saha
Shailesh B.R.
Biraaj Dodiya
Balkrishna Doshi
Jasmine Nilani Joseph


Parul Vadehra, Director
Roshini Vadehra, Director

New Delhi, India
D-40, Defence Colony