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Seismasuno Gallery

Booth E2
Madrid, Spain

FOD, FOD.02.017, 2017, Assamblage, 152z120x20 cm, Courtesy: Artist

Davide Ridenti and José David Pérez Fernández (Dapefe) established Seismasuno Gallery in february 2012. The gallery represents emerging national and international artists of different artistic disciplines, confronting heterogeneity is one of its most distinctives features. Its curatorial program is based on a strict and delicate selection of the artists who belongs to the gallery, most of them with artistic tendences as pop surrealism, pictorical intervention and conceptual art. The gallery has an average of five shows per year and four #INTERMEZZO (short shows that lasts for three days), whiles participates on different national and international art fairs.


The artists that actually represents the gallery are FOD (1973, Spain), Julio Falagán (1979, Spain), Los Bravú (Dea Gómez, 1989, Spain and Diego Omil, 1988, Spain), Sara Landeta (1985, Spain), Chefer (1970, Argentina), Juancho Arregui (1972, Spain), Xavier Delory (1973, Belgium), Vítor Mizael (1982, Brazil) and Mar Cuervo (1980, Spain).


Seismasuno Gallery emerged first as “6mas1 art”, creating a working group of six professionals from different fields of creation like arquitecture, design and art, plus a guest, “mas1”. This “1” could be a designer or an artist who would work with us for different projects, culminating all the work into an exhibition of the guest inside the arquitecture studio. This concept grew up until it finally became a contemporary art gallery. The change of location supposed a turning point on this evolution. From six initial partners, are still two remained, Davide and Dapefe, currently co-directors of the gallery. In 2015, Raquel Vicente joined the team as artistic director, conforming the actual team of the gallery.




Julio Falagán
Los Bravú
Xavier Delory
Vítor Mizael
Juancho Arregui
Nøne Futbol Club


Raquel Vicente, Director

Madrid, Spain
c / Piamonte 21, 28004 Madrid
T: +34 915216268