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Istanbul, Turkey

Merve Sendil, But she was laughing while she was in it, 2018, Painting, 150 x 120 cm
Courtesy of SANATORIUM

Since the day it was founded as an initiative, SANATORIUM has carried out many exhibitions both at the national and international level. Evolving into a gallery later on, it has had the opportunity to participate in many national and international fairs, as well as hosting many curatorial group exhibitions which also involved artists the gallery itself represents. SANATORIUM does not pursue a specific theoretical framework when choosing the artists with which it collaborates. Rather than seeking consistency among the artists it represents, it attaches importance to the consistency of the practice of each artist. Nonetheless, it can be said that the artists SANATORIUM represents generally base their art practices upon critical thinking and experimentation. One of the main missions of the gallery is to serve as a platform that offers a space for intellectual approaches even if they might sometimes contradict each other.


Mehmet Dere
Yağız Özgen
Farid Rasulov
Merve Şendil
Clemens Wolf


Ludovic Bernhardt
Luz Blanco
Orhan Cem Çetin
Mehmet Dere
Yunus Emre Erdogan
Erol Eskici
Stephan Kaluza
Cagla Koseogullari
Ali Ibrahim Ocal
Yagiz Ozgen
Zeyno Pekunlu
Farid Rasulov
Sergen Sehitoglu
Merve Sendil
Kerem Ozan Bayraktar
Berkay Tuncay

Ali İbrahim Öcal
Kemal Özen
Yağız Özgen
Zeyno Pekünlü
Farid Rasulov
Sergen Şehitoğlu


Adnan Yerebakan, Director

Istanbul, Turkey
Kemankeş Mah. Mumhane Caddesi Laroz Han
No: 67 Beyoğlu
T: + 90 212 293 67 17