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London, UK

Jacopo Di Cera, Untitled, 2022, Mixed Media

Courtesy: Jacopo Di Cera

nineteensixtyeight is a platform specialized in photography and video, representing an award-winning international group of emerging artists, producing and curating creative projects, and providing management and consultancy services to the artists at all stages of their careers.

We specialize in the curation and production of exhibitions, special projects and artistic campaigns through short and long-term partnerships; sell high quality, limited edition prints; and facilitate collaborations between artists, writers, journalists and curators; mentorship program open to photographers at any stage in their careers; advise on publishing high quality artist’s book.

The online platform is a curated space that supplements and establishes dialogues with our offline activities. We are proud to be operating at the intersection of new media and new markets, combining features of a magazine, agency and gallery in our ongoing efforts to promote and situate our artists within an evolving art market.


Jacopo Di Cera, born in 1981, Italy


Jacopo Di Cera