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Gallery Latitude 28

New Delhi, India

Sudipta Das, Crossing Over IV, 2020, Hanji paper, rice paper and water colour, 300 x 23 x 13 cm

Courtesy: LATITUDE 28

Since its inception in 2010, Gallery Latitude 28 has been promoting creative dialogue and presenting dynamic exhibitions that focuses on contemporary art from South Asia.


Founded by art historian Bhavna Kakar, Gallery Latitude 28 has become synonymous with cutting edge art from the region, seeking fresh
perspectives and innovative thinking in its attempt to stimulate interest in new waves of art-making. The gallery provides a horizontal environment where younger artists are encouraged to contextualize and experiment with medium, material and institutional critique. The gallery has supported works of several South Asian artists and their alternative display practices that could further the understanding of contemporary art. Keeping with its wider role as an institution dedicated to the arts, Gallery Latitude 28 paved the way for an active collaboration between artists from Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India through its curated shows and outreach events. The gallery, thus, continues to work towards making art accessible and inclusive to larger public and attempts to enrich their experience of viewing and engaging with art and is an incubator for the same in the white cube of its distinctive gallery space.


Latitude 28 through its sister concern, TAKE on art magazine, is invested in supporting independent art writers, curators, critics and researchers and sustaining them through residencies, workshops, panel discussions, seminars and awards.


Gopa Trivedi
Khadim Ali
Radhika Agarwala
Sudipta Das
Waseem Ahmed
Waswo X. Waswo

Niyeti Chadha Kannal


Khadim Ali
Noor Ali Chagani
Prajjwal Chowdhury
Sudipta Das
Radhika Agarwala
Waseem Ahmed
Ketaki Sarpotdar
Waswo X Waswo
Wardha Shabbir
Gopa Trivedi
Niyeti Chadhakannal
Yogesh Ramkrishna
Anupama Alias
Chnadan Bez Baruah
Neda Tavallaee
Sanket Viramgami
Shweta Bhattad
Zahra Yazdani


Bhavna Kakar, Director

New Delhi, INDIA
F 208 Lado Sarai
T: +91 11 46791111
M: +91 9811415806