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Hafez Gallery

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Suliman Al Salem, Cccc1, Concave Colored Center Circle, 2023, lenticular animation printing formed on concave surface

80cm *80 cm *5 cm* 1.7mm

Courtesy: The Artist

Established in 2014 by Qaswra Hafez, Hafez Gallery has been the catalyst of many pioneering and emerging Saudi artists. With the mission to highlight the Saudi art scene and facilitate local talents.


With a mission to highlight the local arts and culture, Hafez Gallery has maintained a schedule of exhibitions and shows from a wide selection of established artists from across the Arab world, ranging from Syria to Egypt, Sudan to Lebanon. This is in addition to collaborations involving international artists in order to boost the accessibility of regional work to the eyes of the world.


The gallery aims to expand its reach and showcase the Saudi visual culture and arts regionally and internationally, as it maintains the efforts to broaden its influence in the community.


Bashaer Hawsawi, born in 1992, Saudi Arabia
Suliman Al Salem, born in 1993, Saudi Arabia


Abdel Hady El Wechahi
Mohamed Khater
Abdullah Al Marzook
Maïmouna Guerresi
Sebastião Salgado
Ali Al Saffar
Ahmed Felemban
Lulwah Al Homoud
Khalid Zahid
Sarah Al Abdali
Raeda Ashour
Ali Chaaban
Tarfa Fahad
Mohammed Resayes
Yosuf Jaha
Awdh AlZahrani
Ahmed Nawar
Abdulrahman AlSulaiman
Abdullah Al Shaikh
Ibrahim ElDessouki






Osama Esid
Mohammed Al Ghamdi
Taha Sabban
Maha Malluh
Abdullah Hammas
Noura Al Issa
Khaled Zaki
Mohammad Zaza
Hend Adnan
Filwa Nazer
Adel Al Quraishi
Abdulaziz Ashour
Monuira Mosly
Mohammed Radwan
Ahmed Karally
Abdulrahman Al Shahed
Rashed Al Shashai
Saud AlQahtani


Qaswra Hafez, Founder
Mohamed Ali Ghomriani, Director

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Al Kayyal Street
PO Box 52919